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April 27, 20160 Comments


I’m back with an all new gameplay with BrodieSmith21Jon Salmon. This time, we try our hand at Grand Theft Auto’s Hunting Pack II.  Editing this video inspired me to continue with the launch of ScooterGaming. I want to have a place where I post daily, and it looks like the best way to do that is through gaming videos. Life vlogging would be way too hectic and there’s already Snapchat for that. So prepare for greatness. Launching May 26th.

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February 3, 20160 Comments


In this week’s installment of Rocket League BrodieSmith21 fights for his redemption.

In the previous episodeBrodieSmith21Jon Salmon, and myself forced a 0-0 game into overtime only for BrodieSmith21 to score an own-goal in the hour of need. Watch as he attempts to reclaim his rightful place amongst his peers.

Which game should I play next week?

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VIDEO: Ghetto Vocab – Whip, Cake, Cuffing Season

February 1, 20161 Comment


It’s been a minute, but Episode 6 of Ghetto Vocab is here! Not only is Ghetto Vocab back, but so is Swoozie dropping nothing but truth bombs.

I actually have had this video on the back burner for a while now. No idea why I haven’t already released it…but expect more Ghetto Vocab videos coming your way soon!

Which words should be on the next episode? Leave a comment below.

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January 30, 20160 Comments


Due to popular demand, I had to do another Rocket League gameplay.

In the previous episode, I partnered up Jon Salmon for a 2 vs. 2 match. The competition got utterly and complete rekt. In this edition, we added BrodieSmith21 to the equation. Things did not go as planned.

Which game should I play next? Or should I keep playing Rocket League?

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November 19, 20150 Comments


I’m super excited to bring you guys my first gameplay ever! Figuring out how to record gameplay has been an intense challenge, but I’ve come through the gauntlet a better person, or at least a more knowledgeable one. For my first gameplay, I had to play Rocket League since it’s one of the most played games in my arsenal!

Originally, I was going to dedicate a whole channel strictly to gaming. However, after MUCH thought, I’ve decided to post one gaming video per week on the ScooterMagruder page and see how it goes. #Yolo

Shoutout to Jon Salmon for accompanying me on my gameplay. You’ll probably see a lot more of him.

Which game should I play next?

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VIDEO: Stuff Warriors Fans Say

November 16, 20150 Comments


If you follow my Snapchat (@ScooterMagruder), you would’ve known this video was on the way! It was only a matter of time before the reigning champions got a dedicated Stuff Fans Say video.

Creating this video was definitely fun to make, especially considering how fun this team is to watch on and off the court.  I hope all of DubNation enjoys Stuff Warriors Fans Say!

Which team should I do next?

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VIDEO: Stuff Magic Fans Say 3

November 5, 20150 Comments


Stuff Fans Say is finally back! It was only proper I bring back the series with my hometown team. The Magic have transformed in so many ways since Stuff Magic Fans Say 2 was uploaded. My ability as a creator has transformed just as much.

I hope you enjoy the reboot of the series! And for those wondering, YES I am an Orlando Magic fan. WE WILL WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP.

Which team should I do next?

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VIDEO: Things Pac 12 Fans Say

October 24, 20156 Comments


I thought Things Pac 12 Fans Say was going to be my most difficult video to create being a lifetime east coaster. Thanks to r/CFB, it wasn’t that much of a problem 🙂 So far I’ve shot four of the five power conference videos.

Can you guess which team is next?

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VIDEO: Things ACC Fans Say

October 10, 20152 Comments


Last week it was Things SEC Fans Say this week it’s Things ACC Fans Say! This video was a little bit tougher to create since some ACC teams are more basketball oriented than football oriented. Tip-toeing that line AND satiating all ACC fans with only a minute and 30 seconds of content was strenuous!  Let me know how I did!

What conference should I do next?

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VIDEO: Things SEC Fans Say

October 3, 20150 Comments


As a Gator alumni and avid SEC advocate, Things SEC Fans Say was long past due. The only thing I disliked about making this video was that I had so many other things to say! I guess that’s what Stuff Fans Say is for though 🙂

What conference should I do next?

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