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ARTICLE: Scooter Magruder is Every Sports Fan You Have Ever Known

ARTICLE: Who is Scooter Magruder? Meet the man behind the Cowboys fan paraody videos you can’t help but relate to

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ARTICLE: Dr. Phillips alum Cameron Magruder continues to grow social media following

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ARTICLE: The genius behind those viral Dallas Cowboys videos

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ARTICLE: The ‘Top 100 First World Problems’ According to Scooter Magruder

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ARTICLE: With 125M Views, These Vloggers Are Already Good. But YouTube Wants To Make Them Better.

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ARTICLE: Orlando My Way Interview – Playlist Live



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ARTICLE: 1 Comment You Might Wanna Stop Making … ‘Cause It’s Actually Kind Of An Insult


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Things Black People Need to Stop Doing featured on RightThisMinute



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ARTICLE: Orlando filmmaker makes ‘Stuff Gator Fans Say 2’ viral video

ARTICLE: Rising YouTube star Scooter Magruder sounds off on life, sports and holidays in popular videos

ARTICLE: Interview with “Stuff Orlando Magic Fans say” creator


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ARTICLE: How I…Started Earning A Living as a YouTube Star