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VIDEO: Top 100 Things White People Say to Black People

May 11, 201410 Comments


This video has been a long time in the making. Initially, I decided to delay making the video because I was up for various jobs and thought the video would ruffle some feathers. Well, I didn’t get any of the jobs…so I’m ruffling ALL THE FEATHERS.

You may or may not agree with this list, you may think this list is racist, you may think I’m making up some of this stuff, but the the truth of the matter is…everything in this video has either been said to me or overheard being said to another person of color.

With that being said, there was no ill-will making this video. I love white people! And I hope they Top 100 Things White People Say to Black People as much as I do!

Have you heard or said any of these things? Don’t lie.
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VIDEO: Not About That Life 9

May 4, 20144 Comments


I finally got my video schedule configured and I will be making Not About That Life videos every 3 weeks! In my 9th installment, I talk about my thoughts regarding Donald Sterling, How I feel about the LeBron App (really?) and my true feelings about #ManCrushMonday.
Would you ever download the LeBron app?

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VIDEO: Talking to Myself – Spring Break

April 27, 20148 Comments

I know…I haven’t posted a video in a month. And there is a reason for it! I’m pretty sure I just went through a quarter-life crisis. I felt like I was failing because I hadn’t accomplished as much as I thought I would at this time in my life. And while all those feeling haven’t completely subsided, I will no longer allow them to control my future or limit me from accomplishing future goals.

Anyways, I’m back with a new Talking to Myself! In this episode, Scootera returns to discuss her thoughts on Spring Break with Da’Quann and Lay-Lay. What do you do on spring break? Do you have a spring break in your country?

Have any questions you’d like to see featured in the next Talking to Myself? Leave a comment below!

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VIDEO: Stuff March Madness Fans Say

March 30, 20144 Comments


Stuff Fans Say videos are officially back! To my female viewing audience who doesn’t like sports, to my male audience who doesn’t like sports, and to anyone else watching who doesn’t like sports, no need to worry! I will be doing my other videos in addition to my sports videos 🙂

I definitely decided to hop on the March Madness train and release Stuff March Madness Fans Say…mainly because the FLORIDA GATORS are in the final four! Not only did I graduate from the University of Florida, but Stuff Gator Fans Say was one of my first videos to take off! Oh the memories.

How’s your bracket doing?

What team should I do next?
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