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VIDEO: You Talk White – Spoken Word

March 16, 201414 Comments


I definitely decided to switch up my regular comedy videos to address an issue that has been persistent throughout my entire life: people calling me white. This comes despite the fact that I am indeed full black. My mother is black. My father is black. I am black.

The indictment comes from many places. Friends, family, school teachers. Black people suggest I’m white because I didn’t grow up in the ghetto and don’t know what it’s like to experience struggle. White people suggest I’m white cause I don’t do stereotypical “black” things.

This logic suggests that all black people either A) Live in the hood or B) Do “black” things, which is one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard in my lifetime.

The indictment comes in many forms, whether it’s “You’re an Oreo” or “You’re not a stereotypical black guy”, but for this spoken word I decided to focus on the phrase “You Talk White.”

Has anyone ever told you that you speak white?
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VIDEO: Top 100 Things Flappy Bird Players Say

February 27, 20146 Comments


There are three types of people in this world: those who love flappy bird, those who hate flappy bird, and those you have no idea what DAHECK Flappy Bird is. Hopefully, most people fall in the first two categories…otherwise this video will make no sense whatsoever.

For those unfamiliar, Flappy Bird is a simple mobile game that vaulted to the top of the app charts thanks to it’s simple design and learning curve. The game became so popular that the creator was reportedly making upwards of $50,000 per day through in-game advertising alone. The fame was so unexpected and overwhelming that it led the creator to delete the app from the app-store, spawning several spin offs. For any more information you’re just gonna have to Google it.

On a separate note, I’d like to thank all of you for your continued support despite the lack of videos! Sometimes you just gotta take a break, re-energize and re-focus. Videos are back to normal now. New videos every Sunday!

What’s your high score on Flappy Bird? Mine is 771 🙂
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VIDEO: Not About That Life 8

February 16, 20140 Comments


It has been a quick minute since I released a Not About That Life video! In my 8th installment, I express my feelings on Justin Bieber, Richard Sherman, Instagram, and the fact that black people indeed use shampoo! You’d be surprised how many times I get asked that question.

What are your thoughts on these topics?
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VIDEO: Top 100 Things Broke People Say

January 25, 201414 Comments


I think each and everyone of us can relate to this Top 100 video…some a lot better than others. We’ve all been there. Eating the all ramen-noodle diet, hitting up the dollar menus, living at Taco Bell. Well, if you are going through a rough patch, hopefully this video cheers you up! Hope you enjoy Top 100 Things Broke People Say!

What did I miss?
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