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VIDEO: Top 100 Things You Say In The Car

December 22, 201313 Comments


With the #FiestaMovement coming to an end, I thought it would be proper to send it off by doing a Top 100 video inside of my vehicle. I’ve actually been meaning to do this video for a while, but I never got around to doing it. So without any further adieu, let’s take a look at the Top 100 Things You Say In The Car (without cussing).

What did I miss? What Top 100 video should I make next?
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VIDEO: Not About That Life – Christmas Edition

December 9, 201316 Comments


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas! What could you possibly hate about Christmas? Well, the answer is a lot of things. For one, I hate cold weather. So thankful I live in Florida. Also, doesn’t it feel like commercialization is taking the meaning out of Christmas? And did you know suicide rates are among the highest in December?

While I don’t hate Christmas, far from it actually, there a a couple of things I’m just NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE. So sit back and enjoy this very special Not About That Life – Christmas Edition.

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Roomies Episode 2: Secrets

December 1, 201313 Comments


It might have taken a couple months, but the much anticipated second episode of Roomies is finally here! In this episode, I discover someone has been recording over my favorite TV Show, Breaking Bad. After both Estevez and Raj deny involvement, I take things into my own hands, set up and hidden camera, and wait for the culprit to reveal himself. After watching the footage…a lot more is revealed than anticipated!

What do you think happens next?

Roomies Episode 2: Secrets YouTube Comment

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VIDEO: Black Man Staring at People

November 24, 201335 Comments


I told you guys I wanted to start doing social experiments and here is my first one! This video was shot at the University of Central Florida right before the Rutgers tailgate.

If you’re wondering how we filmed it, my friend Jonathan would go and sit down before me with a backpack and some shirts covering the camera, which you can see obscures the lens at times. After he gave me a signal, I would come in and commence the Black Man Staring At People. Definitely need a better setup though, cause I don’t have any lens that allows me to shoot people from SUPER far away. For the most part, the camera was right in front of everyone…they just never noticed it.

Not gonnna lie, it was highly awkward staring at these strangers. I didn’t really know what to say. Should I respond to their questions? Or would it be funnier if I just kept staring at them? In the end, I did end up laughing every time, I just cut each scene before you see it. And yes, I did let everyone know it was a prank. What do you guys think of my first social experiment? Should I keep going? Would you be interested in seeing some of the raw footage?

What social experiment should I do next?

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