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How Much Money Do Viners Make – The Magruder Report

November 18, 20138 Comments


How much money do Viners make? Did you even know Viners were making money? What is Vine? This video should answer most of those questions.

I wanted to make this video since a lot of people don’t know anything about Vine, let alone the fact that people are making careers off 6-second videos. Hopefully, this video sheds some insight into one of the freshest apps of the year. Although the information was presented in a comical way, everything is 100% accurate.

Special thanks to my boys Eric Dunn and Tpindell for letting me film them. Also, follow me on Vine: @ScooterMagruder

Did you know people were getting paid for Vines?

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VIDEO: Dear Diary 3 – Where Have I Been?

November 10, 201316 Comments


I haven’t made a video in three weeks. Dear Diary 3 explains why. The stomach illness I had was extremely vicious and after consulting with doctors multiple times, they still weren’t able to figure out what was wrong. Throughout that time, I was not able to keep any food down whatsoever and became extremely dehydrated. Drinking water made me nauseous. WATER people. In fact, one of the few things I was able to keep down was Blue Gatorade, for which I will forever be indebted.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve thrown up no less than 27 times.

Even on the Today Show I was still sick, but luckily I was able to man up and don’t think it was noticeable at all. After being constantly dehydrated for a little over two weeks, I was actually able to start eating regular food. It wasn’t until my second day in LA that I tried and succesfully ate 4 buffalo chicken wings from BJ’s…let’s go!

Thanks to everyone for your patience! My main goal now is trying to get ahead in videos so this never happens again. Prepare for greatness.

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VIDEO: Talking To Myself – Relationships

October 14, 201328 Comments


Due to popular demand, Talking to Myself is back! In this episode, I introduce Harold, perhaps one of my most difficult characters to play, only because I have no idea what his character really is yet. Is he a Black Napoleon Dynamite? Is he a nerd? Does he just breathe hard at random times?  I’m still figuring these things out. In the meanwhile, hope you enjoy the season one finale!

Fun fact: Harold was actually recommended to me from someone on Twitter

Talking To Myself - Relationship Tweet

What character should I try next?

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VIDEO: Dear Diary 2 – I Didn’t get The Job

October 7, 201326 Comments


Nothing but good things have happened to me since I started making YouTube videos. The latest was an opportunity to interview for the in-game arena host for the Orlando Magic. Crazy right? While I didn’t land the job, just being considered was awesome! Oh and did I mention I got a free car and gas until the end of the year too. NBD.

The mission this month was one of my favorites. I had been wanting to get Bear a makeover for a while because he looked terrible to put it lightly. So when I heard the theme for September was style I immediately knew I wanted to do a custom mission! Luckily, it got approved and Bear is looking fresh to death!

For anyone interested in going to the event I’m hosting, it’s Thursday, October 7, 2013 7:00-10:00pm in Emerson Hall at the University of Florida. 20$ for current students or 30$ for non-students.

The show will be featuring comedian Sean G and stand-up comedian, sketch writer and UF graduate Barry S. Naylor For more info go here: comedy show

***UPDATE*** 10/11/13: The show went well despite the turnout being lower than expected. Met some really cool people! Also, Sean G is hilarious. If you’re reading this…you should book him.

Do you have a special teddy bear or blanket?

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