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VIDEO: Not About That Life 19

July 30, 20170 Comments


Not About That Life returns with episode 19!

In this episode, I talk about some stuff that is “actually funny”, the Magruder effect, and my new neighbors. On a serious note though, why haven’t my neighbors invited me to a party yet? DAHECK!

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VIDEO: Not About That Life 18

March 13, 20170 Comments


I’m back with a new Not About That Life episode! I can’t believe I haven’t made one of these videos in over a year. Wow…

The theme for this year is “innovate”, which hopefully you can see in this video. I’m taking a new approach to all videos series I’ve done in the past. How are you liking the innovation in Not About That Life 18?


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VIDEO: Dear Diary – Trump Won

November 23, 20162 Comments


Only I would make a video saying “I’m Back” and then proceed to take a month off 😂😂😂. It’s not without good reason though. See why in this week’s Dear Diary: Trump Won journal entry. 

How are you liking the Dear Diary videos?

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VIDEO: Dear Diary – I’m Back

October 17, 20163 Comments


I decided to make a video to clear things up on my absence from making videos. What better way than a Dear Diary video? Shoutout to Brodie Smith for showing me around town.

Should I make weekly Dear Diary videos?

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