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VIDEO: Top 100 Worst Pick Up Lines

April 25, 20130 Comments


If you’re having problems picking up women, this video won’t help you one bit! I put together a list of the Top 100 worst pick up lines you could ever use. Who knows, maybe some of them are so corny they might work!

This video is definitely one of my favorites I’ve ever made and was shot completely at a local bar (all you have to do is ask). The video was even featured on The Today Show!

On a serious note though, do people still use pick up lines?

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VIDEO: Top 100 YouTube Comments

April 25, 20130 Comments


Oh, YouTube. For people who have been on YouTube a while, we get used to seeing the same repetitive comments over and over and OVER again! I decided “Why not make a video about it?” I paired the visuals to match the most commonly written phrases and voilĂ : Top 100 YouTube Comments was created.

What other comments do you see repeatedly on YouTube?

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VIDEO: Top 100 First World Problems

April 25, 20130 Comments


As of this blog entry, Top 100 First World Problems is my most successful video to date! Prior to making this video, I wasn’t even a YouTube Partner, but that changed after the release of this video.

I was fortunate enough for this video to get picked up by the Huffington Post, which led to other outlets picking re-posting the video. In fact, this was my first video to be featured on the Today Show! To this day, I do not know who wrote the Huffington Post article about video, but I remain forever indebted!

What other First World Problems are there?

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VIDEO: Top 100 Male Lies

April 22, 20130 Comments


Top 100 Male Lies was my first Top 100 video ever created! It’s a little rough, especially since there is no music in the video, but nonetheless, it was the beginning of a beautiful series. The reason I decided to make Top 100 videos is because I knew that people of all ages, race, and sex could relate.

Why Top 100 though? Why not Top 50? Why not Top 75? For me, the best countdowns were always up to 100. 100 represents completion, it represents perfection, and most people can readily identify with it. I mean, just think about it, would you rather get a 50%, a 75%, or 100% on a test?

Have you heard or said any of these before?

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