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VIDEO: Not About That Life 3

April 20, 20130 Comments


The Harlem Shake. It used to be a fun dance I did back in high school, but somehow it turned into one of the most viral and weirdest memes of all time. And just like the dance, it was fun at first…but it got old real quick. So much so that I created a Not About That Life video covering it. Other topics discussed include: Valentine’s Day, and The Human Centipede.

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VIDEO: Not About That Life 2

April 20, 20130 Comments


Somehow, someway, I had to talk about Manti Te’o and the catfish debacle. The best way I saw fit was to make a Not About That Life video. Also discussed in this video are rants on Lance Armstrong, VitaCraves One A Day multivitamins, and American Idol.

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Not About That Life

April 19, 20130 Comments


After messing around with the format for a while, I decided to re-launch one of my favorite series – Not About That Life.

I hope you enjoy the reboot, and if you stick around long enough, you may see a Tpindell cameo.

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VIDEO: Stuff Miami Dolphins Fans Say

April 19, 20132 Comments


So here we are. The last Stuff Fans Say video made. Stuff Miami Dolphins Fans Say.

Why did I decide to stop making them you ask? Because it was boring, repetitive, and the whole “Stuff ______ Say fad” was over a long time ago. I kept holding on for some reason.

In addition to this, I noticed my whole demographic shifted from about 60% male and 40% female to almost 90% male and 10% female. Not About That Life.

I decided to make a change to Top 100 videos, which everyone could relate to regardless of age, sex, or sports IQ. So far, so good. I’m back to 60% male, 40% female and loving it.

Will I ever make any Stuff Fans Say videos in the future? Who knows? I don’t. Until then, enjoy this last one for now.

Do you miss Stuff Fans Say videos?

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