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VIDEO: Stuff New York Giants Fans Say

April 19, 20130 Comments


This video was a little difficult to make since I am a Cowboys fan. But I guess I need to look on the bright side. At least I’m not a Jets fan.

I don’t actually hate the Giants. I just don’t understand how they keep winning with so many garbage players. In fact, I actually rooted for the Giants both times they played the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I just cannot stand Tom Brady.

Do you like Tom Brady?

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VIDEO: Stuff Jets Fans Say

April 19, 20130 Comments


It must be difficult being a Jets fan, especially with big brother winning Super Bowls every couple of years. The Jets are one of the most maligned franchises in the league – and for good reason. Trading for Tebow and barely playing him, trading Darrelle Revis, and NO ONE has forgotten about the infamous butt fumble.

Yet for some reason, Jets fans exist. I did this video with a friend of mine who insists that the Jets will one day return to greatness. I guess blind hope is still, technically, hope.

Before making this video, I found another Stuff Jets Fans Say video on the interwebs. The funny thing is I showed the creator my version and somehow we became Internet friends. We still keep in touch today. What up Alyssa?

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the Jaguars, how bad are the Jets?

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VIDEO: Stuff Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fans Say

April 19, 20130 Comments


There are a ton of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans I find myself running into on a daily basis since Orlando doesn’t have it’s own NFL franchise (yet). One of these fans is rapper Two, who’s first name I still don’t know.

I was put into contact with Two through mutual friends after hearing he was a die hard Bucs fan, which made making Stuff Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fans Say very easy.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a sponsored video. We were just hungry. Although if Tostitos would like to arrange some sort of retroactive payment, I wouldn’t be against it.

What food are you craving right now?

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VIDEO: Stuff Miami Hurricanes Fans Say

April 19, 20132 Comments


After making Stuff Gators Fans Say, Stuff Noles Fans Say, and even Stuff UCF Fans Say, the time had come for me to make Stuff Miami Hurricanes Fans Say.

This video was made in conjunction with fellow YouTube Next Vlogger Tpindell and my cousin, both of whom are complete fools.

Who do you know who is a complete fool?

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