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VIDEO: Stuff UCF Fans Say

April 19, 20132 Comments


As a resident of Orlando, I encounter a lot of UCF fans. While it is true there are plenty of Gator fans, Nole fans, and Hurricane fans to go around, UCF is definitely and up and coming school.

So, I decided to give my hometown team some love and create Stuff UCF Fans Say! Hope you enjoy.

What is your hometown team?

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VIDEO: Stuff Charlotte Bobcats Fans Say

April 19, 20130 Comments


Despite what you may think, the Charlotte Bobcats have fans. A lot of fans. As of this post, Stuff Charlotte Bobcats Fans Say has more views on YouTube than Stuff Dallas Mavericks Fans Say.

I imagine being a Bobcats fan must be similar to being an Orlando Magic Fan. Very frustrating. But our time will come!

Have you ever been a fan of a rebuilding team?

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VIDEO: Stuff Dwight Howard Haters Say

April 19, 20130 Comments


I hate Dwight Howard. Any Magic fan should. What he did, holding the Magic hostage, showed an extreme lack of professionalism and respect for the franchise that drafted him.

Wanting to go to another franchise is understandable. Shaq did it. Magic fans still love Shaq. But the manner in which Dwight Howard orchestrated his trade makes Lebron’s “Decision” look like a Disney movie.

And with that, I introduce Stuff Dwight Howard Haters Say.

Do you think Dwight was wrong?

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VIDEO: Stuff Lebron James Haters Say

April 19, 20130 Comments


I’m not going to lie, I used to hate Lebron James with a passion. I thought his decision to leave Cleveland was classless, or at least the manner in which he left (on national television). But, as they say, winning cures all.

I can no longer hate on the man for wanting to win a championship AND actually winning a championship. Indeed, my hatred for Lebron James has been supplanted with my hatred for Dwight Howard. But we can always reminisce with this video!

What NBA player do you hate the most?

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