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VIDEO: Stuff Nole Fans Say

April 19, 20136 Comments


After watching the original Stuff Nole Fans Say video, I felt obligated to make a better response. Even though I’m a Gator alum AND the creator of Stuff Gator Fans Say, I just felt the rivalry deserved better.

The funny part is, I actually became friends with the some of the people in the original FSU video. And, in their defense, their video was more geared towards what actual Nole “students” say.

Would you ever make a video for your rival school?

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VIDEO: Stuff Gators Fans Say

April 19, 20138 Comments


This was my first Stuff Fans Say sports video ever created. I noticed my alma mater did not have a video made already and decided it was time! Best decision ever.

I remember the day I released the video. It spread like wildfire and set in motion one of my most successful series on YouTube! Hope you enjoy Stuff Gators Fans Say and Go Gators!

Which school is your alma mater?

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VIDEO: Stuff Orlando Magic Fans Say

April 19, 20132 Comments


After making a Stuff Fans Say video for my alma mater, I had to make one for my favorite basketball team, The Orlando Magic! Growing up in Orlando, I’ve seen it all. The highs and the lows. The lows and the even lower than lows.

I still undoubtedly believe if Courtney Lee would’ve made the alley-oop, the Magic would’ve won the series. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re not a Magic fan!

What is your favorite NBA team?

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VIDEO: The Friend Zone – University of Central Florida

March 5, 20131 Comment

I decided to try something a little different this week and launch a new web series I call Magruder Mobile! The general idea is that I go to different colleges and universities and ask students questions on relationship advice, current events, etc. – your basic guy on the street video. At the end of each video, I pull one person aside to compete in the academic challenge where I ask 5 questions that any college student should know.

For the first episode, I decided to go to the University of Central Florida and ask students about the friend zone. It was pretty cool experience because a lot of people recognized me from Stuff UCF Fans Say!

The Friend Zone - University Of Central Florida YouTube Comments

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