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VIDEO: Things Cavs Fans Say

September 26, 20161 Comment


I’m back again this week with another installment of Things Fans Say! This time I’ve enlisted the help not only of Jon Salmon , but also frisbee trick shot extraodinare Brodie Smith.

Brodie flew down to Orlando to shoot this video, so I am much obliged for his appearance. We also shot a video for his channel so be on the lookout for Things Frisbee Players Say!

Which team should I do next?

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VIDEO: Things OKC Fans Say

September 18, 20164 Comments


Stuff Fans Say has returned! Only this time I’m calling it Things Fans Say because, let’s be honest, I should’ve done that a long time ago.

Wanna give a quick shoutout to Jon Salmon for joining me in the re-launch. The dynamic duo is back in action folks!

Which team should I do next? Did you miss my sports videos?

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VIDEO: What the Friend Zone Sounds Like 2

September 11, 20160 Comments


After an extensive hiatus, like a phoenix, I have risen from the ashes.  I decided to come back swinging with a sequel to my most successful video to date: What the Friend Zone Sounds Like. I’d like to personally thank Alexandria, Chloe, Mygdalia, and Mariah for taking me on a journey through the deepest pits of the friend zone.

I am now more aware of this ever-changing environment which affects so many on a daily basis.

What friend zone quotes did I miss?

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April 27, 20160 Comments


I’m back with an all new gameplay with BrodieSmith21Jon Salmon. This time, we try our hand at Grand Theft Auto’s Hunting Pack II.  Editing this video inspired me to continue with the launch of ScooterGaming. I want to have a place where I post daily, and it looks like the best way to do that is through gaming videos. Life vlogging would be way too hectic and there’s already Snapchat for that. So prepare for greatness. Launching May 26th.

Are you subscribed to ScooterGaming?


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