Roomies Episode 2: Secrets

December 1, 201313 Comments


It might have taken a couple months, but the much anticipated second episode of Roomies is finally here! In this episode, I discover someone has been recording over my favorite TV Show, Breaking Bad. After both Estevez and Raj deny involvement, I take things into my own hands, set up and hidden camera, and wait for the culprit to reveal himself. After watching the footage…a lot more is revealed than anticipated!

What do you think happens next?

Roomies Episode 2: Secrets YouTube Comment

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Roomies Episode 1: New Beginnings

July 14, 201331 Comments


I decided it was time for a bit of a change on my YouTube channel! The primary reason I began making YouTube videos in the first place was to highlight my ability to be an entertainer; to show the world I can actually act. What better way to do that than start making sketch comedy videos?

Definitely plan to see more comedy videos in the future. And as always, expect them to get better and better over time!

What’d you think of the Roomies Episode 1?

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