Talking to Myself

VIDEO: Talking to Myself – Online Dating

July 20, 201513 Comments


Talking to Myself returns with a vengeance. In this episode, Da’Quann and Scootera argue as Lay-Lay is reminded of a dark experience.

I think Talking to Myself deserves to be made at least once every other week. It’s one of my few series that has fan engagement, while still highlighting my ability to act. It also requires zero assistance from anyone else to create, which is a huge factor when making videos.

What do you think? Is twice a month good enough?

What should we talk about on the next episode?
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VIDEO: Talking to Myself – The Friend Zone

September 7, 20144 Comments


I’m back.

I know, I know. You’re wondering what DAHECK I’ve been up to? I promise all questions will be answered in due time, but in the meanwhile you can look forward to new videos EVERY SUNDAY. I know I’ve said this before and don’t want to be the Scoot-that-cried-wolf, but I’m dead serious this time.

In this episode of Talking to Myself, Da’Quann and Scootera share a secret as Lay-Lay struggles to understand the meaning of the friend zone. Have you ever been friendzoned?
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VIDEO: Talking to Myself – Spring Break

April 27, 20148 Comments

I know…I haven’t posted a video in a month. And there is a reason for it! I’m pretty sure I just went through a quarter-life crisis. I felt like I was failing because I hadn’t accomplished as much as I thought I would at this time in my life. And while all those feeling haven’t completely subsided, I will no longer allow them to control my future or limit me from accomplishing future goals.

Anyways, I’m back with a new Talking to Myself! In this episode, Scootera returns to discuss her thoughts on Spring Break with Da’Quann and Lay-Lay. What do you do on spring break? Do you have a spring break in your country?

Have any questions you’d like to see featured in the next Talking to Myself? Leave a comment below!

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VIDEO: Talking To Myself – Relationships

October 14, 201328 Comments


Due to popular demand, Talking to Myself is back! In this episode, I introduce Harold, perhaps one of my most difficult characters to play, only because I have no idea what his character really is yet. Is he a Black Napoleon Dynamite? Is he a nerd? Does he just breathe hard at random times?  I’m still figuring these things out. In the meanwhile, hope you enjoy the season one finale!

Fun fact: Harold was actually recommended to me from someone on Twitter

Talking To Myself - Relationship Tweet

What character should I try next?

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