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VIDEO: Dear Diary 1 – I Go Skydiving

September 2, 201312 Comments


I decided it was time to make a video series dedicated solely to me and my life! I didn’t want to segment and start a new channel, but I also wanted to document the crazy adventures I was getting into in a more professional manner than most life vloggers. This Dear Diary series will allow me to do that and more! Let me know what you guys think about this new series and welcome into my crazy life! And remember, real men keep diaries™.

Recognize anyone from the video?

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VIDEO: High Speed Racing #FiestaMovement

July 21, 201335 Comments


You may recall last month when I made my first #FiestaMovement
during fitness month. Well this month I wanted to actually use the car in the video! My mission was to play a video game,“set your best score – then compare it to your time on the actual track under professional supervision.”

The video game was Forza, the track was Sebring International, and the professional supervision was Lonnie Pechnik, a professional driver who competed in two 24 Hours of Le Mans for Flying Lizard Motorsports and many other race series. I’m not sure entirely what that means, but it sounds legit.

It was actually pretty cool racing the Fiesta, especially since we had the whole track to ourselves for the duration of filming. Two other agents were there earlier doing similar missions, but by the time I arrived it was just me, Lonnie, and my friend Jon who was helping me film.

Lonnie took me around the track a couple times and instructed me how I should drive as I was racing…all of it went over my head. The only thing I remembered was he was going extremely fast. It was like being on a roller-coaster…but in a car. He then let me drive a couple of test laps before actually trying to beat my time.

FTC DISCLAIMER: Ford invited me to be an agent for the Fiesta Movement. They’ve provided me with a 2014 Ford Fiesta, and they’re covering gas, insurance and administrative costs for the duration of the Movement. They definitely threw me the alley.

There were several points while racing where I was over 100 mph, which marks the first legal time I’ve been over 100. I topped out at about 110mph. There was one part in the track where you go from top speed, and then slam on the brakes at full speed. That was fun. Glad I’m still alive as well.

For clarification, I set a time of 3:01 in Forza on Sebring International Raceway. Forza actually doesn’t have the Ford Fiesta ST version of the car in their video game and I actually raced a shorter and separate track from the one in the video game. I don’t care. I still beat the time.

Next month is adventure month, super excited for that!

Did you notice I was wearing Google Glass for this video? Should I make more videos with it?
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VIDEO: Basketball One-on-One #FiestaMovement

June 30, 201384 Comments


In my last Fiesta Movement blog post I announced that I won a free car and that I would have to complete monthly missions! Well here is my first mission!

I received my car about two weeks ago after getting flown to Nashville, Tennessee for a two-day training with 19 other agents! The 19 of us received our cars about a month and a half after 80 of the previous agents. BUT, we did receive the upgraded Ford Fiesta ST!

Ford Fiesta ST

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I’m a Ford Fiesta Agent!

May 24, 201328 Comments

I just wanted to let everyone know I’M A FORD FIESTA AGENT! But what exactly does that mean? For one, it means I get a free car and gas for 8 months! It also means I’ll get to participate in some crazy missions that will have me travelling all across the United States!

2014 Ford Fiesta European

What is the Fiesta Movement?

The Fiesta Movement first launched in 2009, as a campaign to expose Americans to the Ford Fiesta. 100 “agents” were selected to complete missions and share their journey online through YouTube, Blogs, and other online outlets.

After a 5 year hiatus, the Fiesta Movement is getting re-launched with another 100 agents and I AM ONE OF THEM.

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