I’m a Ford Fiesta Agent!

May 24, 201328 Comments

I just wanted to let everyone know I’M A FORD FIESTA AGENT! But what exactly does that mean? For one, it means I get a free car and gas for 8 months! It also means I’ll get to participate in some crazy missions that will have me travelling all across the United States!

2014 Ford Fiesta European

What is the Fiesta Movement?

The Fiesta Movement first launched in 2009, as a campaign to expose Americans to the Ford Fiesta. 100 “agents” were selected to complete missions and share their journey online through YouTube, Blogs, and other online outlets.

After a 5 year hiatus, the Fiesta Movement is getting re-launched with another 100 agents and I AM ONE OF THEM.

What is a mission?

In return for getting a free car and gas for 8 months, agents agree to go on missions and share these missions with their online audience. But WHAT IS A MISSION? Good question.

Here are some examples that agents were allowed to chose from for their first mission.

• Visit as many family members as possible in the US and document it
• See a live music show every night for 10 days
• Stay in a different hotel (in different cities) every night for two weeks
• Ski and surf in the same day

You can look at all the different completed missions here.

Stay Tuned

There are still a lot of moving parts associated with this whole process, but for now just know to expect greatness in the future! Definitely expect more collaboration videos, especially since The Homeless Heroes were also selected as agents!

In the meantime, where should I go?

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  1. John Austin says:

    When you cruise the country in the Fiesta-swing through Nebraska City Nebraska and visit- there are 2 Gators in town-myself, my wife and we love your videos and perspective-I can even tour you around our Nuclear Power plant-Cooper Nuclear Station.

  2. Kyle says:

    Hot damn and a half! NOICE

  3. Channesse says:

    Wow! This should be fun!

  4. Wendy says:

    This sounds amazing! Wish we had cool stuff like this in Ireland! Swing by here soon you’ve fans ha ha! Good luck with it though 🙂

  5. Jer says:

    You’re going to need a co-pilot. I volunteer as tribute.

  6. Nancy says:

    Top 100 finds at Goodwill (Good will hopping across the country) – pop some tags and then donate them to your Homeless Heroes or Heroes who are homeless~

    Thanks for the humor and the way you view the world!

  7. Is that right??

  8. Ashten Purcella says:

    Damn that’s too clean! & can you mention my name in your next video too? Don’t matter when just say it please?!

  9. Nancy says:

    Find a “Civil” gator in every town you visit! Represent the Gator nation by tracking down the gator nation…c’mon – do it for Jer and her wonderful graduate coordinator(GC)!!!! That way Jer can be your co-pilot and her GC can be your back seat driver!!! A blast-o-minute! LOL

  10. Warren Holly says:

    Shoutout from Richmond! Well earned, Scooter! My roommate and I have been huge fans ever since How To Text Females and still tune in every Sunday. Great job with all this!

  11. Steve Lasday says:

    You could come to Sarasota, FL, and in the same day see Mote Marine Lab and see the sharks, and the world class research there, and then go see the Sharks work out, the world class swim team that usually has kids make it to the Olympics. (I have a kid in each. Older son Spencer is high school intern at Mote and younger son Max is on the Sharks swim team.

  12. Are you on the agents page yet? I tried to find you on there, but I couldn’t see it anywhere. I did see the Homeless Heroes page, though.

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