VIDEO: Dear Diary 2 – I Didn’t get The Job

October 7, 201326 Comments


Nothing but good things have happened to me since I started making YouTube videos. The latest was an opportunity to interview for the in-game arena host for the Orlando Magic. Crazy right? While I didn’t land the job, just being considered was awesome! Oh and did I mention I got a free car and gas until the end of the year too. NBD.

The mission this month was one of my favorites. I had been wanting to get Bear a makeover for a while because he looked terrible to put it lightly. So when I heard the theme for September was style I immediately knew I wanted to do a custom mission! Luckily, it got approved and Bear is looking fresh to death!

For anyone interested in going to the event I’m hosting, it’s Thursday, October 7, 2013 7:00-10:00pm in Emerson Hall at the University of Florida. 20$ for current students or 30$ for non-students.

The show will be featuring comedian Sean G and stand-up comedian, sketch writer and UF graduate Barry S. Naylor For more info go here: comedy show

***UPDATE*** 10/11/13: The show went well despite the turnout being lower than expected. Met some really cool people! Also, Sean G is hilarious. If you’re reading this…you should book him.

Do you have a special teddy bear or blanket?

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  1. Nick says:

    Scooter! Nick here. Feels like it’s been forever since I left you a comment. Sorry you didn’t get the Magic job. Their loss.

    Anyways, did you see that crazy Broncos/Cowboys game? That was nuts! What are your thoughts on Romo costing them the game.

    • What up Nick! Of course I saw it! Die-hard Cowboys fan here! I don’t blame Romo one bit though…It’s hard to win when your defense gives up 51 points. Romo turned in one of the best performances of any quarterback ever. And it still wasn’t enough to win :-/

  2. mekayla lewis says:

    hey, i live in the UF area and i might want to go to the show, but you said it’s on thursday, oct. 7. thursday is the 10th. is it today, the 7th, or on thursday, the 10th?

  3. Michele W. says:

    Hurray for more diary! Aww… I would always appreciate both you and Bear! You’re awesome, and I definitely think your talent would be wasted as an arena announcer. You probably would have been bored to death after a few weeks. If you ever want to do a comedy show at Virginia Tech for BSA/BGSO, hit me up! No jugamos juegos. 😉

  4. very nice, that would of been awesome to have you be the Magic announcer but oh well. At least your being recognized. I’d say just keep doing what your doing and someone will notice. But on the side note this website i write for interviewed Tobias Harris, not me but i wish i did. If your board and want to look at it here it is.

  5. Travis says:

    So, they took Bear’s insides out and replaced them?!

    Sounds like a lot of 80’s and 90’s horror movies…. with what appears to be Bear on the outside, but with an entirely different personality underneath. With Halloween coming up, you should keep a really close eye on him.

  6. La Di Da says:

    Hi! This is the first time I’ve been to your blog but, I’m a subscriber on YouTube and I think your pretty cool. Bye!

  7. Danny says:

    Hey Scooter! Are you going to be bringing back your “What (sports team) Fans Say” now that Basketball and Football season has started?

  8. Sarah Kenyon says:

    Even though this is your bear, I had to cringe when your Bear was being stripped down and stuffed :'( I don’t think I could ever handle going through that with my Ted, EVER. Don’t ever lose your bear, they’ve been through everything with us!

    • He was falling apart though! It was definitely tough to watch though…how long have you had yours??

      • Sarah Kenyon says:

        Since I was born! It was a gift from my Auntie when I arrived 🙂 He’s been here forever, although his nose used to be black but I sucked it off apparently and now it’s white and he has finger prints indented in his back where I used to carry him around, but it just gives him character. I think if I got him redone I wouldn’t recognise him and it would be a totally different bear without the tattered proof of memories 🙁

  9. I have been dealing with this SO MUCH! I just graduated. I have 6 years of job experience because I was working all through school but yet, I still keep getting beat out for jobs. I try to look on the plus side, it gives me more time to focus on my music which is my first love for the past 17 years at least and also on my youtube. I was wondering, I really like this Dear Diary series, would you mind if I started one on my vlog channel? I just really like the idea of sitting down and having a chat formatted as a diary entry. I don’t want to rip you off in any way so please let me know if that isn’t okay.I was also wondering if you were going to be at VidCon? I would love to meet you!

    • Feel free to start your own series! I would appreciate if you came up with a unique name though! But I don’t think I’ll be making VidCon this year :(((

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