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May 30, 20156 Comments


So Urban Ears contacted me about creating a video for their new campaign #RadioHeads. Once I heard the concept I was immediately in. The concept alone is amazing, coupled with the fact I get a free trip to Sweden? Could I really ask for anything more.

I’ve never been to Sweden, although I have visited Europe before. Literally no clue what to expect. I didn’t even check the weather cause no matter what happens I’m still wearing my cutoffs.

Have you been to Sweden? Which places should I visit?

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  1. L. Mary says:

    Dear Scooter,

    I think you will like Sweden and find the people to be friendly, funny, and open-minded.

    My Father is from Sweden.

    There is a lot of ethnic diversity in Sweden- I’m middle eastern and I have had no beef with the peeps there when I lived there and have gone back to visit.

    It’s a friendly place (they have a holiday just to celebrate waffles- that’s damn friendly!).

    You are gping to Stockholm and that’s where people turn up!

    For future gigs you might get, I want to tell you now that you should avoid any offers from Denmark. Denmark is NOT friendly like Sweden and if you want to know the details (facts based on what happened to me in Denmark), please drop me an email.

    Best of luck to you in Sweden! I can’t wait to hear your impressions of the country and the people.

    L. Mary


  2. Hypnovark says:

    Congratulations on winning the Radio Heads competition! I watched all four sessions and thought it was pretty fantastic. What a great concept. Unfortunately I didn’t win headphones despite picking you in each session, but I enjoyed the competition nonetheless. Hopefully it introduced new people to your channel so you can continue to grow.

    Best of Luck!


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