VIDEO: Dear Diary 3 – Where Have I Been?

November 10, 201316 Comments


I haven’t made a video in three weeks. Dear Diary 3 explains why. The stomach illness I had was extremely vicious and after consulting with doctors multiple times, they still weren’t able to figure out what was wrong. Throughout that time, I was not able to keep any food down whatsoever and became extremely dehydrated. Drinking water made me nauseous. WATER people. In fact, one of the few things I was able to keep down was Blue Gatorade, for which I will forever be indebted.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve thrown up no less than 27 times.

Even on the Today Show I was still sick, but luckily I was able to man up and don’t think it was noticeable at all. After being constantly dehydrated for a little over two weeks, I was actually able to start eating regular food. It wasn’t until my second day in LA that I tried and succesfully ate 4 buffalo chicken wings from BJ’s…let’s go!

Thanks to everyone for your patience! My main goal now is trying to get ahead in videos so this never happens again. Prepare for greatness.

Are you excited for the return of Stuff Fans Say?

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    Hey, ScooterMaruder
    Love your videos!!! Keep doing top 100s because theyre my favorite out of all the topics you do. Anyways, how long have you known MaxNoSleeves?
    Your bro,

  2. Mohamed Taha says:

    It’s been too long Scooter! Glad to have you back!

  3. Erik says:

    Scooter keep on doing what u are doing. Your fantastic! Planning on buying one of your hoodies. Good luck man and keep on doing those awesome videos

  4. Travis says:

    Welcome back. I thought you were in mourning over the Dallas Cowboys or that Bear had gone zombie over Halloween…or something.

  5. Aw man…I feel bad now–didn’t know you were sick! Glad to see you’re feeling better and I agree–you HAVE to bring back stuff fans say with all the stuff going on in sports now haha! #sidenote what is it about chicken noodle and blue gatorade? I remember that was all I could eat and drink when I got the stomach virus…and a really bad case of the flu.

    Ready to see some more of your work! #AlleyThrown #HealthFirst and #shoutout to getting on the Today show–next GMA…or ESPN (specifically First Take)

    • Hey Jacqueline 🙂

      There is a lot of foolishness going on in sports right now…especially with the Dallas Cowboys 🙁 As far as the chicken noodle soup and blue gatorade go…that was the only thing I was able to eat really for about 2 weeks.
      But they definitely are not ready for me on First Take!

  6. Dbaby says:

    Feel Better! The most important part of the videos are YOU! God Bless You!

  7. D.J. says:

    I would visit youtube and see the banner that said new videos every Sunday and say to myself “THAT’S A LIE!!!” I no longer resent you however, in fact I feel a bit guilty… Glad to see you back! Keep being awesome!

    As always. Go Gators!

  8. Dang sorry to hear about the stomach problems. I also had to deal with that and yeah it sucks a lot. It is great that you were on the today show and just having you grow more and more. Before you know it you could be at the top somewhere editing, writing or something. I am still trying to work my way up but TLN has been great. And Nikola Vucevic is a beast.

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