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This has been one of the most requested Top 100 videos to make…so I finally made it! The funny things is I don’t drink. I actually have never tasted alcohol in my life…other than church communion which doesn’t count in my books. Needless to say, I definitely relied a lot on everyone’s suggestions for this video! I hope you enjoy Top 100 Things Drunk People Say and thank you to all the other YouTubers who helped with my shoot 🙂

What did I miss?

Top 100 Things Drunk People Say
1) I could do one more.
2) Who is she?
3) Watch this!
4) After-party at my place!
5) Turn up. Turn up!
6) Bro, I’m getting that tonight…
7) …she just doesn’t know it yet hahahaha.
8) Vodka tonic!
9) Can I have a long island!
10) You’re my best friend…
11) Wait wait…like second best.
12) and a Midori Sour!
13) You’re my second best friend. I got a friend.
14) I have a best friend…
15) And I have a first best friend.
16) And an Arnold Palmer…
17) …with extra Palmer.
18) You can drink a person?
19) I’m not drunk. You’re drunk.
20) Pick up!
21) I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!
22) I’ll drink to that.
23) Wait! Can you hear me now?
24) Let’s get married.
25) Oh my God, that’s my song!
There is no song playing.
26) It’s the 5-0 man!
27) Hide your drugs.
28) I’m not going to text my ex.
29) Here take my phone. No, no, no wait.
30) Give it back.
31) Baby, I missed you so much.
32) I love you.
33) No! Nooooo! No. You know what!
34) I don’t want you anymore!
35) Watch this.
36) Chug, chug, chug, chug!
37) Ow.
38) No, I don’t like you anymore!
39) As a matter of fact, I’m talking to a hot girl right now!
40) Are you jealous?
41) I’m not drunk.
42) I’m not drunk.
43) I’m not drunk…
44) …I’m a little…maybe a little bit.
45) Shots all around.
46) Wooooo!
47) Hey, what are you looking at?
48) What’s he looking at?
He’s not. There’s nobody over there.
49) Dude.
50) Ahhhh!
51) AHHHH!
52) Is it cool if I get this beer?
53) Let’s go to Taco Bell.
54) Can you hear me?
55) Hello?
56) I will pay anyone money to take us to Taco Bell.
57) This DJ sucks!
57) I want a burrito…supreme.
58) Have you ever had a burrito?
59) Where’s my car?
60) Call a cab.
61) I know my limits.
62) Do you know who I am?
63) Nobody told you?
64) I’m going to kill you.
65) Let’s get tattoos.
66) *Hiccup*
67) I gotta pee. I gotta pee!
68) That girl is so hot.
That’s a guy man.
69) Oh yeah…no.
70) Hold my pants.
71) Your mom is hot…
72) …like so hot.
73) Dude, let’s race!
74) Let’s go right now!
75) Look what I can do.
76) I’m never drinking again.
77) Ok, well maybe one more.
78) I love you man.
79) It’s not the alcohol.
80) Who is this?
81) Hello?
82) Mom?
83) Your sister’s hot.
84) Best night ever!
85) I never tried this beer before…
86) …but I like it!
87) You wanna go? You wanna go?
Calm down. Calm down! What are you doing?
88) Come on!
89) Whoever takes us to Taco Bell…I will pay your gas money.
90) Can we get a re-rack?
91) 3-2-1.
92) I am completely sober.
93) Where’s my phone?
94) You stole it thief
95) I’m chocolate wasted.
96) I can definitely jump over that.
97) You’re not my mom.
98) I’m not walking.
99) Keg stand!
100) I’m so glad we’re friends. I’m so glad we’re friends. What’s your name?

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  1. Travis says:

    Karoke, let’s go sing…

    …you know… *insert stupid comment …and I really mean that….


    Am I falling out of this chair?

    Why is the room spinning?

    Okay, but just one more.

    Awe man, I’ve got to be up for work in four hours….

    Let’s see what Scooter’s doing on youtube…

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