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January 18, 201410 Comments


This is by far the stupidest video I’ve ever shot in my entire existence. My arms still hurt from repeatedly falling over and over and OVER again. I even had a pillow in my backpack to try and lessen the impact from all the falls…it didn’t work. But alas, I still enjoy making these social experiments and this definitely was a social experiment.

It was interesting to see people’s reactions. The initial reaction of most people was to help me, but some people just kept walking without saying a word! DAHECK? Granted, a couple of them did know what I was doing, two people even saw the camera, but still. The fall still hurt!

This video was shot at the University of Central Floridaย and I definitely plan on doing more social experiments there, especially because there are so many diverse people I believe I can beat in a fight if it ever came down to it.

Would you have helped me up? Have you heard of LeBroning?

What social experiment should I do next?

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  1. The man himself would be proud of your flopping. Maybe even Bosh haha.

  2. Mark says:

    “Dude C’mon I see the camera” was the best. You should either:
    a) Go into a quiet place then randomly yell “QUACK”
    b) Take a little water in your hand then pretend to sneeze and let the water go on the person
    c) Randomly start petting someone’s hair and see what they do

  3. Jamin says:

    Hello scooter, lemme just say your videoes made me have a heart attack. It was so funny. How do u like google glass, and when will talking to my self return. Thanks all love and respect -jamin
    P.s. still never responded on, kik tho. Ill wait lol

    • Whatup Jamin! Glad you liked it…definitely was interesting making it. The Google Glass was cool at first…but then it’s appeal wore off quickly. It’s just easier to do the same stuff using a phone!

      And as far as Kik…I’m not sure if I’m going to delete it yet!

  4. Sally Marie Futch says:

    I found your channel for the first time the other day and I applaud you sir. I absolutely love your videos. In this day and age it is extremely hard to find someone who does not cuss or use rude humor. So please, keep up the amazing work! You are very funny and honest. On a side not I have you MAGRUDER, DA HECK song stuck in my head!

    • Hey Sally! Glad you found me ๐Ÿ™‚ It definitely is difficult to find clean content these days…but I’ll continue to make it as long as people watch ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Travis says:

    Technically, isn’t Peyton-ing?

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