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January 25, 201414 Comments


I think each and everyone of us can relate to this Top 100 video…some a lot better than others. We’ve all been there. Eating the all ramen-noodle diet, hitting up the dollar menus, living at Taco Bell. Well, if you are going through a rough patch, hopefully this video cheers you up! Hope you enjoy Top 100 Things Broke People Say!

What did I miss?

Top 100 Things Broke People Say
1) Mom, hey. Can you put some money in my account?
2) We have to get to the club before eleven.
3) I am broke.
4) Let me hold $20.
5) Alright, let me hold $10.
6) Let me hold $5.
7) I know you got $5.
8) Dang, you’re broker than me!
9) You know you only get 4 chicken nuggets for a dollar at Wendys.
10) I remember when Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers used to be a dollar.
11) I used to get 4 Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers.
12) Do we have to leave a tip?
13) You’re not always supposed to leave a tip I heard.
14) That’s an American thing, right?
15) I’m not from America. I’m African. My ancestors are from Africa.
16) It’s not free to get in?
17) How much is cover?
18) Nah, I’ve been feeling sick anyways.
19) I got a cold.
20) Red Lobster needs a dollar menu.
21) Chipotle needs a dollar menu.
22) Chick-fil-A needs a dollar menu.
Hi welcome to Chick-fil-A this is Ashton, how may I serve you?
23) Hey, do y’all have a dollar menu?
24) How much is a chicken sandwich, but just the chicken.
25) Do y’all have a kids eat free type of thing?
26) What if I just wanted the bottom bun?
Just a bun?
27) Like the bottom one though.
28) The struggle is real.
29) Call me after 9:00
30) Call me after 8:00.
31) Don’t call me, just email me.
32) I have free wi-fi. I’m using my neighbor’s wi-fi.
33) Don’t judge me.
34) Let me get your Netflix login. I think you changed the password.
35) I already ate once today, so I’m good.
36) Just let me hold like 37 cents.
37) When we go here, just get a regular hamburger and we can just put cheese on it at home.
38) I really don’t want to spend any money.
39) I’m trying to conserve.
40) Do they have a clearance section online? They do, right?
41) You trying to go to Taco Bell or nah?
42) It says it’s on E, but that means we have 17 more miles.
43) I think I missed the bus. Can you come pick me up?
44) What do you mean I owe you gas money?
45) I don’t owe you gas money. DAHECK!
46) Look man, just come pick me up and stop playing.
47) I only go to Taco Bell during happy hour.
48) But they got this new grilled stuft nacho though. It only costs a $1.29 I think.
49) Can I borrow $1.29?
50) Remember when I told you I was going to need someone to cosign?
51) Can you put food on layaway?
52) They told me I can’t sell anymore plasma
53) I don’t even want the new Jordans.
54) Pay-Less has better quality.
55) Do the Jordans light up?
56) I heard Metro-PCS isn’t that bad.
57) We’re in a recession. We’re not?
58) Well, I’m in a recession!
Go ahead with your order.
59) Are the refills free here?
60) I don’t get paid til Friday…
61) …so we might not be doing that much.
62) Call my house phone.
63) You know I don’t got free minutes like that.
64) I think I missed the bus.
65) Hey, you can help a brother out? Hey. OK.
66) Can I get a water with extra lemon?
67) Y’all have like a student discount?
68) What if I graduated though?
69) Why don’t we just chill at the house tonight?
70) VIP in the club is way overrated.
71) Who really wants to pop bottles?
72) I think I’m going to win the lotto.
73) And you know when I make it big I got you.
74) Can I get a quarter? You know them?
75) You know anyone whose hiring?
76) I need a job.
77) Pagers are making a comeback.
78) I heard if you give blood you get free movie tickets.
79) I don’t drink bottled water. I get free water from the sink.
80) Are you going to eat that?
81) Can I just use your phone for a second? It’ll be real quick, like 20 minutes.
82) I’m not going to go to the doctor.
83) I’m self-medicating.
84) Money can’t buy happiness.
85) The best things in life are free.
86) I got you next time though, definitely.
87) You know I’m good for it.
88) The movies? Nahh, I’m probably just going to get it on Redbox.
89) Just get me money for my birthday.
90) I’m in-between jobs right now.
91) Don’t act like you don’t like ramen noodles. I know you like ramen noodles. I got the chicken ones too. The chicken one at home…it’s pretty good.
92) I’m not unemployed. I’m an entrepreneur.
93) I just think I’m going to chill at the house tonight.
94) Tell them it’s your birthday so we can get something for free.
95) Is it 3 for a dollar?
Could we setup some sort of payment plan?
96) I don’t live with my mom, OK? My mom lives with me.
97) Ahhh dang, I left my wallet at home.
98) You got me though, right?
99) I think I’m going to be a rapper.
100) I’ll pay you back.
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  1. joseph says:

    funny video as usual! love you creativity keep it up scooter! #Daheck

  2. Hey Scooter,

    Just writing to say that this is another great video. I am so impressed at your emphasis towards your fans, because you always do what you can to interact with us and make us feel special! Thanks so much and subscribe to CHALLENGECHUCK so I can tell all of my friends who are also big fans of you!

  3. Nick says:

    I have a video request. How about you make a 100 things celebrities say. I think you would do that really well.

  4. Teresa says:

    Just wanted to say….AWESOME!!
    I stumbled upon you in one of MaxNoSleeves’ videos….so funny! I really like how you actually have several themes that you follow….it makes for entertainment variety, and shows a lot of creativity.
    I am now watching all of your videos while I should be doing homework….though I can count it as research if I want to make a video suggestion, right?

  5. Rami says:

    LOL funny video scoot, wanted to let you know that you are very popular in israel =] keep up your creativity !

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