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Top 100 Male Lies was my first Top 100 video ever created! It’s a little rough, especially since there is no music in the video, but nonetheless, it was the beginning of a beautiful series. The reason I decided to make Top 100 videos is because I knew that people of all ages, race, and sex could relate.

Why Top 100 though? Why not Top 50? Why not Top 75? For me, the best countdowns were always up to 100. 100 represents completion, it represents perfection, and most people can readily identify with it. I mean, just think about it, would you rather get a 50%, a 75%, or 100% on a test?

Have you heard or said any of these before?

Another reason for Top 100 lists videos is because it sets the barriers to entry pretty high. Just coming up with a list of 100 is difficult; and, to make a quality video cutting between each number is not something an amateur video maker could do very well.

With all that being said, sit back, relax, and enjoy the first Top 100 video created by me!

Top 100 Male Lies List:
Honorable Mentions: I can bench about 225 five times. I’ve never dated her. Yeah, I work out. You never look bad to me. I didn’t add her on Facebook, she added me! Honestly, you have a really nice smile. Honestly, you have the prettiest eyes.
100) I really like you.
99) Who that? That was my cousin.
98) I’m a very honest person.
97) Nothing happened. We just talked.
96) You look good with no makeup on.
95) I’ve been thinking of you all day.
94) There will always be a special place in my heart for you.
93) I’m still in love with you.
92) I never got your text.
91) My battery died.
90) What do you mean? I didn’t have any signal.
89) She just looked like someone I knew.
88) The cooking is phenomenal.
87) I think you’re a great person.
86) The timing just isn’t right.
85) If that’s what you really want, I’ll take dance lessons with you.
84) All my friends like you; seriously.
83) I want not even staring at her.
82) You know I can sing too.
81) I can dance too.
80) I can cook.
79) Yeah, I’ll be home early.
78) I’d catch a grenade for you.
77) You know I graduated with honors?
76) I like you but I’m just talking with someone right now.
75) Last night? I was studying.
74) Last night? I was sleeping. I was sleep – yeah, I was sleeping.
73) That’s not me in that picture. Nahh.
72) I will breakup with my girlfriend for you.
71) I’ll divorce my wife for you.
70) Me and my ex? We don’t talk.
69) I am not a pervert.
68) I would never take her back.
67) I’d do anything for you.
66) I’d rather stay here with you.
65) I mean you do drive pretty good.
64) I do know a lot about cars.
63) I missed you so much!
62) Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine. Okay?
61) I am not attracted to your mom.
60) Sandwich jokes are not funny. They’re demeaning to women.
59) You are a dime.
58) I’m single.
57) I’ve never had sex before.
56) I don’t mind watching Chick Flicks.
55) I love you no matter how you look.
54) I’ve never had an STD.
53) Video games? Those are childish.
52) You are the prettiest girl I’ve ever met.
51) I respect women.
50) Yeah, I’m on my way.
49) I’ll be there soon.
48) I’ll be there in about 15 minutes.
47) You cut your hair? I definitely noticed.
46) You’re just so different than other girls.
45) If I wasn’t with her, I’d be with you.
44) I can see myself being with you for the rest of my life.
43) I want to marry you one day.
42) I’m just not that attracted to you.
41) I just want to be friends.
40) Kim Kardashian – not even that pretty.
39) I would never go to a strip club.
38) My roommates love you.
37) I love your roommates!
36) I really don’t care if you flirt with other guys.
35) I really don’t care if you dance with other guys.
34) Of course I want to have children one day, duh!
33) I just don’t randomly hookup with people.
32) Of course I want to get married one day, duh!
31) I would never hookup with her.
30) We have so much in common.
29) I don’t drink.
28) I don’t smoke.
27) I’m waiting ‘till marriage.
26) Listen, I can explain everything.
25) Yeah, I’m stuck in traffic.
24) I didn’t even drink last night.
23) I had like one beer last night.
22) I don’t even want a bachelor party.
21) No, no, no, no, no. I trust you.
20) I’ve never told anyone this before…
19) I love everything about you.
18) I will never lie to you.
17) I am not married.
16) You haven’t gained any weight.
15) I am a very religious person.
14) Your sister is pretty cool.
13) Yeah, your brother, your brother is pretty cool.
12) I love your parents.
11) Personality matters.
10) She’s just a friend.
9) You don’t look fat in that.
8) It’s not you, it’s me.
7) I’ll call you in the morning.
6) I’ve never felt this way before.
5) Yes, I’m listening to you.
4) You look really good.
3) You’re best friend is not even that pretty.
2) I would never cheat on you.
1) I love you.

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