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This week I decided it was finally time to unleash Top 100 Things Gangsters Don’t Do. Making this video was a huge undertaking. It took about a week to edit and shoot and involved MASSIVE collaboration with some other YouTubers. I’m thankful too, because coming up with 100 things gangsters don’t do is not as easy as it sounds. The amount of visuals required alone for this video was insane. A huge thanks to everyone who helped me make this video! Be sure to check out everyone’s page (in order of appearance):

Eric Dunn
The Homeless Heroes
The Professor
Spice Adams
Casey Curtiss
Rose Russo
Shot Science
Masood Ahmed

What else don’t gangsters do? Leave a comment below!

Top 100 Things Gangsters Don’t Do:
1) Shop at Whole Foods.
2) Wear hipster glasses.
3) Floss.
4) Take selfies.
5) Hula-hoop.
6) Take selfies with others.
7) Play frisbee.
8) Take their children to school.
9) Get a pedicure.
10) Have a tea party.
11) Wear short shorts.
12) Play the recorder.
13) Get a brain freeze.
14) Read a book.
15) Fall asleep on someone’s shoulder.
16) Play Pokémon on Game Boy.
17) Play Pokémon the card game.
18) Do yoga.
19) Use emojis.
20) Watch a beauty guru on YouTube.
21) Buy Go-Gurt.
22) Ask a police officer for directions.
23) Dust.
24) Do a puzzle.
25) Golf.
26) Wear socks and sandals.
27) Play lacrosse.
28) Check the stock market.
29) Vacuum.
30) Compliment another man.
31) Wash dishes.
32) Make origami.
33) Have play time with the children.
34) Play Go Fish.
35) Pet a duck.
36) Cross legs in unison.
37) Bake cookies.
38) Order a sandwich on wheat.
39) Fix another man’s hair.
40) Play Candy Crush.
41) Change diapers.
42) Wear a night gown…
43) …with a cat on it.
44) Play tennis.
45) Blow bubbles.
46) Wear Google Glass.
47) Blow bubbles together.
48) Eat at a salad bar.
49) Sleep with a teddy bear.
50) Wear a Cody Simpson backpack.
51) Fix another man’s eyebrow.
52) Shop for organic shampoo.
53) Wear seat belts.
54) Embrace after watching Titanic.
55) Try to solve a Rubik’s cube.
56) Swing on a swing set.
57) Write a love letter.
58) Have a picnic.
59) Spread the gospel.
60) Watch the WNBA…intentionally.
61) Lick an ice cream cone.
62) Meditate.
63) Recycle.
64) Play hacky sack.
65) Buy sparkling water.
66) Grow a garden.
67) Read a bedtime story.
68) Tickle each other.
69) Twerk.
70) Jump rope.
71) Massage each other.
72) Salsa dance…together.
73) Play Bop It.
74) Buy feminine products for their girlfriends.
75) Cuddle together.
76) Drink out of the same cup.
77) Play patty-cake.
78) Feed the baby.
79) Try to blow bubbles with chewing gum.
80) Drink a kid sized apple juice carton.
81) Throw a boomerang.
82) Suck on their thumb.
83) Buy breakfast tea.
84) Go down a slide.
85) Touch another man’s nose.
86) Rest their foot on someone’s lap/rest both feet on someone’s lap.
87) Water a plant.
88) Feed the baby again.
88) Go vegan.
89) Fan themselves.
90) Go to Starbucks.
91) Order a caramel frappuccino with extra caramel.
92) Go to a library.
93) Play the piano.
94) Cosplay.
95) Play Dance Dance Revolution.
96) Hopscotch.
97) Wear a scarf.
98) Take a bath.
99) Wear skinny jeans.
100) Do their taxes.

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  1. Nick says:

    Scooter. Nick here. Funny video, great to see Spice Adams again.

    I am so ready for some football, how about you Scooter?

  2. Jazz says:

    This is probably one of my favorite YouTube videos, I can’t even say top 100 videos because I love all of your top 100 videos. And I have no idea why that Kitty night gown was in this video it obviously screamed I’m a real G, I loved it. You definitely threw me the alley in this video. (P.S. I love Swoozie, that was the best grown man cuddling session I’ve ever seen.)

  3. Neil says:

    I have an idea: Top 100 Things Marching Band Members Do!

  4. Funny–but I kinda miss the commentary in the videos.

    Maybe a video on 100 Things Moochers Say? 1. “Can you loan me (dollar amount)? I’ll pay you back on Friday!”

  5. Travis says:

    Funny, but you should have slowed it down and let some of the scenarios develop a little bit more.

    P.S. The Cowboys still aren’t going to the Superbowl this year. Sorry, not happening.

  6. It’s awesome seeing you and Swoozie in the same video. Now do you have any ideas for this NFL season. Like stuff fantasy owners say, or basketball. As a magic fan i think we need another version of stuff Orlando magic fans say.

  7. Kimmy says:

    Second, love the video! So hilarious. Too hard to pick a favorite! Probably a tie between fixing eyebrows and touching the nose. Thanks for a much needed laugh tonight! 🙂

    • THE DALLAS COWBOYS WILL INDEED WIN THE SUPER BOWL…that was a rough game vs. the Broncos though…smh

      But you are welcome for the laughter! Thanks for watching 🙂

  8. Darrel says:

    i love ur videos and i love this video. 99% of the likes are from me.

  9. Sohaib Saleem says:

    How long have you and Swoozie been friends? You guys are like my favorite Youtubers.

  10. Austin Elizabeth says:

    Loved number 100, cracked me up xD
    love all your videos, been watching them for about a year and a half now ^.^
    Hey video idea…top 100 dreamers say like for example Cowboys winning the super bowl 😛 lol jm
    but for real, top 100 things Duck Dynasty fans say?
    with it being a ‘hot topic’ right now I think it would be pretty amusing

    • Haha glad you liked it Austin!
      but as far as Duck Dynasty goes…I have no idea what they say! I’ve never watched an episode 🙁

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