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There are three types of people in this world: those who love flappy bird, those who hate flappy bird, and those you have no idea what DAHECK Flappy Bird is. Hopefully, most people fall in the first two categories…otherwise this video will make no sense whatsoever.

For those unfamiliar, Flappy Bird is a simple mobile game that vaulted to the top of the app charts thanks to it’s simple design and learning curve. The game became so popular that the creator was reportedly making upwards of $50,000 per day through in-game advertising alone. The fame was so unexpected and overwhelming that it led the creator to delete the app from the app-store, spawning several spin offs. For any more information you’re just gonna have to Google it.

On a separate note, I’d like to thank all of you for your continued support despite the lack of videos! Sometimes you just gotta take a break, re-energize and re-focus. Videos are back to normal now. New videos every Sunday!

What’s your high score on Flappy Bird? Mine is 771 πŸ™‚

Top 100 Things Flappy Bird Players Say
1) What am I supposed to do?
2) It doesn’t even look like a bird.
3) Why does it keep asking me to download Clash of Clans?
4) Ahhhhhh.
6) I already have Clash of Clans.
7) Why are the bird’s lips so big?
8) Is this Jay-Z’s bird?
9) Is there a paid version?
10) How do you get rid of the ads?
11) I can’t focus for this long. I can’t focus!
12) Ahhhhhh.
13) Ahhhhhhhhhhh.
14) Ohhhhhh.
15) Ohhhhhh!
16) Woohoohohoo.
17) I’m deleting this.
18) OK, maybe I just won’t play it for a while…cause you know if you can’t get it back if you delete it.
19) You gotta use your right thumb only.
20) Right thumb strategy all day.
21) What’s your high score, 200?
22) You have too much time on your hands.That’s all that means.
23) Get a life.
24) I can’t get past 1.
25) The creator of Flappy Bird makes $50,000 per day.
26) Shoot, I need to make an app.
27) Hey, do you have any friends who know how to make apps? I’m looking to make one. It’s called Flappy Scoot.
28) No, it’s not sexual.
29) Maybe this is a secret level on Mario.
30) What kind of name is Flappy Bird?
31) Nah, I just started playing.
32) I’m not addicted.
33) I’m just really good.
34) I didn’t even touch anything!
35) Are there levels?
36) Let’s go. Let’s go!
37) This is bull.
38) Why is this so addicting?
39) Alright, I know the strategy now.
40) You can’t get too high.
41) You can’t get too low.
42) You gotta use your pinky finger.
43) Maybe I should play it upside down.
44) …and that was a dumb idea.
45) Pretty good actually.
46) That is not a bird.
47) What is this?
48) Can you go into the pipes?
49) The guy says he’s going to delete the app from the app store.
50) He actually deleted it. What an idiot.
51) This lag is ridiculous!
52) I’ve perfected the dive bomb.
53) That dive bomb!
54) Let’s get it!
55) …and I can’t get past 3.
56) Why would the creator delete the app?
57) That doesn’t make any sense. Are you stupid?
58) Are you stupid???
59) The red bird goes faster.
60) The blue one has more hang-time I think.
61) DAHECK do I have to do to get a medal?
62) I’m about to put my phone on eBay for $12,000 dollars.
63) What do you have to do to get a gold medal?
64) This is impossible!
65) Soon as I get to 50 I’m going to quit.
66) High scores on tablets don’t count. You have more circumference area to click.
67) Woo Hoo woo. That was a close one. That was a close…
68) Oh. Double Tap!
69) Flying Cyrus, what DAHECK is this?
70) What’s your high score?
71) No, I beat the game.
72) Yeah, you definitely used a cheat code.
73) Yeah, that’s definitely Photoshopped.
74) This game is so simple.
75) Why didn’t I think of this?
76) I got 700, but it was on a friend’s phone though.
77) What’s the point of this game?
78) There is no point.
79) Which friend? don’t know him.
80) He’s new.
81) There’s no way these guys got 9999.
82) I like Iron Pants better anyways.
83) If you didn’t say anything I would’ve just broken my high score.
84) Yeah, I’m only good at night..but in the game.
85) You know how you can play the game at night time, but in the game though? That’s what I mean.
86) What the…
88) Son of a…
89) C’mon!
91) This game is so dumb.
92) This update made it so much easier.
93) My high score was a lot harder to get before.
94) Whoever invented this game is evil.
95) This game needs checkpoints.
96) I didn’t touch the pipes.
97) Not now…I’m busy.
98) You made me lose!
99) This game is ruining my life!
100) I’m done. Ok, maybe one more time. Maybe one more time.

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    another funny video scooter keep it up proud of you!
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    EPIC! After this PLZ I’M BEGGING YOU to do another stuff fans say video! How about… Stuff Clippers Fans Say, Stuff Pelicans Fans Say,Stuff Rockets Fans Say, or Stuff Thunder Fans Say.

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