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March 16, 201414 Comments


I definitely decided to switch up my regular comedy videos to address an issue that has been persistent throughout my entire life: people calling me white. This comes despite the fact that I am indeed full black. My mother is black. My father is black. I am black.

The indictment comes from many places. Friends, family, school teachers. Black people suggest I’m white because I didn’t grow up in the ghetto and don’t know what it’s like to experience struggle. White people suggest I’m white cause I don’t do stereotypical “black” things.

This logic suggests that all black people either A) Live in the hood or B) Do “black” things, which is one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard in my lifetime.

The indictment comes in many forms, whether it’s “You’re an Oreo” or “You’re not a stereotypical black guy”, but for this spoken word I decided to focus on the phrase “You Talk White.”

Has anyone ever told you that you speak white?


You’re not black, you talk white: I get that a lot.
Tell me what you would do if you were in my spot.
Limp when I walk? Or put a twang in my talk?
And if I get good grades, does that make me soft?

I’m saying:

If I acted like a thug, you would say I was faking.
Not all black people live in the hood. You must be mistaking
me for some preconceived stereotypes in your life
cause I talk like I’m educated not like I’m white.

And yes, I’m full black, I’m not mixed. Don’t look surprised.
Your sticks and stones can help me build my chimney: still I rise.

I really think it’s time we oughta
examine why talking white is considered talking proper.

So, let’s take it back.

Let’s go, way back in the day.
When we were 3/5’s human and during the slave trade.
Before the bloods and the crips, gang banging and AKs
Nobody talked white or black, they talked slavemaster and slave.


A main difference was the occupation
Compounded by the fact slaves weren’t afforded an education.
Things Civil War things changed luckily,
Now you weren’t talking white. You were just being uppity.

Know your place boy. Separate but not equal.
Jim Crow was the Nations’s bird, way before the bald eagle.

Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean any disrespect,
You’re just not like any of the other black guys that I’ve ever met.
You know like the stereotypical ones,
With their pants sagging, gold teeth, and all of their guns.

When I hear things like that…that’s when I feel like exploding.
Either you’re ethnocentric or exhibiting self-loathing.

Talking proper isn’t white.
Talking black isn’t ghetto.
Ratchet comes in all forms:
White, Black, Brown & Yellow

So stop judging my race by the actions of a few.
I don’t think all white people are rednecks cause of Honey Boo Boo.
So next time I hear “you talk white” know I’m thinking this:
I guess it’s true what they say, ”ignorance is bliss.”

How did this make you feel?
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  1. Mavis says:

    I really liked this video and how its different from your normal comedy ones.

    And I really liked the poem 🙂

  2. Travis says:

    I really like this video.

    It reminds me of a guy I used to work with. He was extremely professional. He showed up early, dressed well, had a great attitude and took pride in his work.
    Before long he got a promotion, which he really deserved. Then other black workers started hating on him and saying he was only promoted because he “acts white”.

  3. Jeannette says:

    I have struggled with this my entire life. There actually came a point where I just accepted it. My nickname for the longest time was Oreo. But recently I have started speaking up about it.

    • Hey Jeanette! I definitely know the feeling…and I think it’s good you started speaking up about it. Just know you’re not the only one dealing with that problem!

  4. Emily says:

    WONDERFUL!!! Being raised in the suburbs of North Atlanta, I have seen/heard this so often and it drives me bananas. I am white, and there were very few black people that I went to school with, especially when I was younger, but we all received the same education- I never understood why the white kids would say things like that. I love your top 100’s, but I am really glad to see you approach this subject seriously as well! You’re awesome Scoot Scoot

  5. Lincoln says:

    This one hit me hard, mostly cause I’m half white half black. But, people see the name Lincoln with a perfect record and straight A’s and a track and cross country runner and expect to get a white guy in their class especially cause i go to a WHITE CATHOLIC SCHOOL. They try to put behind them that i play basketball for them, i fill racial quotas, and i have long, nappy, curly hair. people associate me like I’m full white and i wish i could show them this video.

  6. Tabile says:

    This video needs to be shown at all school and universities everywhere, it’s a global thing. As a black South Africa growing up in a affluent christian school with a majority of white pupils. I have faced this problem my whole life and still do to this day, by mostly white people. I really can be applied to in many places. I thank you for it Scooter, I point all ignorant people to it promptly. Throwing the alley all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.

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