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I don’t know about you, but a lot of my friends like to append “said no one ever” to a lot of my comments. This inspired me to make a list of the Top 100 Things Nobody Says.

What are some other things nobody says?

Top 100 Things Nobody Says List:
1) I just miss the replacement refs.
2) Fubu is still in!
3) O.J. didn’t do it!
4) I can’t stand Morgan Freeman’s voice.
5) I think there should be less football on television.
6) You know, I don’t think…I ever want to have sex. I don’t think I do.
7) You know, they really should play Gangnam Style more. I never hear it.
8) Casey Anthony was definitely innocent!
9) Hello? Hi. Ally, umm…I was just wondering if…you could put me in the friend zone.
10) George Bush definitely likes black people, just ask Kanye.
11) The real problem is, there’s not enough Starbucks around.
12) If you want to find a quality girl, just go to the club. Go to the club. They’re always there. They’re lined up.
13) Those crocs look amazing!
14) Just make sure to add me on MySpace when you get home.
15) You know, I actually enjoy it when there are babies in the movie theatres. I like it.
16) I’m just so glad Facebook changes so much.
17) You know, I don’t really mind when people cut me off.
18) I wish this road had more potholes.
19) I love jury duty.
20) I love traffic.
21) Learning trigonometry, it was so valuable.
22) I use it almost everyday.
23) Most girls look good without makeup.
24) I’m thinking about taking up Tae Bo.
25) Me and my friends are still highly passionate about Kony 2012.
26) Sometimes I feel like our teachers don’t give us enough homework. We need to learn. So, can you help us out please?
27) You should totally make a cartoon making fun of the prophet Muhammad.
28) Take the picture of me and tag me, but before you do, make sure I’m highly intoxicated. That would be best.
29) The third Godfather, that was the best one!
30) Eating healthy is so cheap.
31) And easy!
32) I just miss JaRule.
33) I love paying taxes.
34) My Internet connection is too fast.
35) Nick Cannon is so ghetto.
36) Ahhhh. I love it when people camp.
37) I use Bing all the time.
38) I like how Will Ferrell plays different roles in movies. They’re always different.
39) I’d ask her out if she had smaller breasts.
40) Wait, wait. Shh. You hear that? I think my neighbor is singing again. I love when he does this.
41) Michael Jackson, who’s that, an athlete or something?
42) Ohhh, just got a group text. This should be fun!
43) I just wish my girlfriend would cheat on me, again.
44) I don’t like big butts and I cannot lie!
45) Can we please do this another time, like during the game.
46) I love all these new promoted posts coming up on my Facebook.
47) In some ways, the WNBA is more exciting than the NBA.
48) Honestly, I went into teaching for the money.
49) I like my iPhone, it’s just that BlackBerrys can do so much more.
50) Guys really don’t like playing Madden that much.
51) Do you want the last piece of my gum?
52) I think I’m going to go do my homework rather than watching some YouTube videos. Let me just go ahead and do that.
53) They should have more advertisements on YouTube.
54) I actually prefer using public bathrooms.
55) Snooki is my role model.
56) Rebecca Black should definitely make an a capella album.
57) I would buy it. Would you? I would definitely buy it.
58) Yeah, I still use AIM.
59) Sometimes it’s fun to be constipated.
60) LeBron’s hairline isn’t that bad.
61) We need more reality television.
62) It is very difficult to get into Florida State University.
63) I just wish SOPA would’ve passed.
64) I actually enjoy going to the DMV.
65) Normally, the loudest person is always right.
66) People should definitely say swag and yolo more often. They’re underused.
67) Kidz Bop should definitely remake this.
68) What do you mean you don’t have one? Everyone uses Google+.
69) Anderson Cooper is not gay.
70) I love it when my friends post comments about their political beliefs on Facebook.
71) It really changes my mind about who I’m going to vote for.
72) What I love about Nicki Minaj the most is her lyrics…cause Starships are meant to fly.
73) I’m going to Yahoo it.
74) I just wish more people would send me Mafia Wars requests on Facebook.
75) I like girls with muffin tops.
76) It’s kind of attractive.
77) Paris Hilton has worked hard for everything she has.
78) As long as I have C-SPAN I’ll be perfectly fine.
79) Kobe Bryant passes the ball way too much!
80) I’m really glad Facebook allows people to see the exact time I read their sent messages.
81) Nutella is disgusting.
82) Is it me, or do girls not change their profile pictures on Facebook enough?
83) I don’t really know what happened to Sisqó.
84) He was so talented.
85) I think it’s safe to say that Lil Wayne is better than Tupaq now.
86) Just finished reading the iTunes terms and conditions.
87) Hello, hey. Is this customer support? I was really hoping you’d be Indian with a thick accent.
88) This Steven Spielberg guy, he makes terrible movies!
89) I’m thinking about moving to Iraq.
90) Justin Bieber, who’s that? Is that like a disease or something?
91) I just wish my girlfriend would cut her hair like Miley Cyrus.
92) I wish I was Adele’s ex-boyfriend.
93) Yeah man, I just got WNBA2k13. Hot fire.
94) Kim Kardashian, she’s just so talented.
95) Dwight Howard is very loyal.
96) Oh my gosh! There’s a respectful and intelligent conversation going on in the YouTube comments!
97) I want my daughter to be like Honey Boo Boo.
98) Taco Bell is too expensive.
99) That Scooter Magruder guy, not funny at all.
100) Definitely don’t subscribe to him on YouTube.

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