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If you know me at all, then you know I am an avid NBA fan (Orlando Magic fans stand up). After doing so many Stuff Fans Say videos, I thought “Why not change it up?” Instead of doing a video that only one fan could relate to, why not do a video all NBA fans could understand? As a result, Top 100 Things NBA Fans Don’t Say was created!

What else DON’T NBA fans say?

Top 100 Things Nobody Says List:
1) I miss the lockout.
2) You know it must suck to be a Lakers fan.
3) I’m almost glad Ray Allen went to the Heat.
4) I think Dwight handled the whole situation well.
5) Almost as good as LeBron did.
6) The league has way too many white players in it. You know what I’m saying? Where is the diversity?
7) Kobe Bryant might lead the league in assists this year. I’m serious!
8) You know, Delonte West is a great teammate. That’s just what I hear on the street.
9) When is a NBA franchise going to come to Alabama?
10) We need more refs like Tim Donaghy.
11) We should probably wait until we get to the game to eat.
12) Cause it’ll be cheaper.
13) It’s just so easy being a Raptors fan.
14) You know who the best three-point shooter in the league is, Andrew Bynum.
15) I actually think Golden State is better when Steph Curry doesn’t play.
16) Phil Jackson was an alright coach, he wasn’t anything special.
17) Grant Hill was a great pick up for the Magic.
18) Rondo does have a good jumper.
19) Pau Gasol is not soft.
20) Juwan Howard still has it. Juwan. Juwan!
21) I just hope Justin Bieber is in the celebrity All-Star Game this year.
22) If I was married to Eva Longoria I would’ve cheated on her too!
23) Tony Parker did the right thing.
24) The Magic actually got the best deal in the Dwight Howard trade. Just ask any Orlando Magic fan, they’ll tell you. They will tell you.
25) I just wish my eyebrows looked liked Anthony Davis. I’m trying to get that though.
26) He definitely pulls it off well. Is it close yet, cause I’m trying to get it to form. I’ve been reading up on it. They say if you brush it, it will start growing more so…
27) Shaq is actually a great actor.
28) They really should give Shaq another reality show. I love when I see Shaq on television: a police officer, Shaq Vs., Kazaam.
29) Kazaam was great. You know what I’m saying?
30) They should make a Kazaam 2. I would see it.
31) Me too.
32) I’m so disappointed Stern is retiring in 2014.
33) I thought he had a couple more decades left.
34) They really should have more TV timeouts.
35) I was surprised that the USA won the gold medal this year.
36) I thought Lithuania was going to take it, personally.
37) Every athlete should manage their money exactly like Latrell Sprewell.
38) Luke Walton plays entirely too much!
39) I really hope the Lakers get LeBron in 2014.
40) The Orlando Magic will definitely win the whole thing this year!
41) I actually think it’s good that the league is moving towards mega teams. Because it shows that…
42) Players nowadays really want to compete.
43) I also hear it’s better for small market teams, in the long run of course.
44) I have friends that live in Seattle and they were glad that the SuperSonics left. They were like: “Leave, we don’t want you in Seattle. We have rain, we’re fine.”
45) Kevin Durant is so overrated and unlikeable. How can you even like this man?
46) He’s so arrogant.
47) I actually knew Jeremy Lin was going to be a star before he got to New York. I called it. Remember when I called it? Yeah.
48) They should allow women to play in the NBA.
49) You know, I think Kevin Love was better when he had all the weight.
50) If people would just give Darko Miličić a chance! Wait, a couple seasons, beast mode, best center in the game!
51) Paul Pierce has the best beard in the NBA. It’s little…it’s little; it’s coming in though. It’s almost there.
52) James Harden has nothing on Paul Pierce.
53) If we’re talking about the highest basketball IQ…
I’d have to go with JaVale McGee.
54) He probably has the highest IQ out of any of the players period.
55) Reggie Miller is a better analyst than he is a player.
56) He was just never clutch.
57) Greg Oden is not injury prone.
58) If we just had Chris Duhon, then we could be contenders!
59) When are they going to bring back the short shorts? Those were in! Who wears short shorts?
60) Adam Morrison and his facial hair, that definitely works on him. It doesn’t work on most people, but it works on Adam Morrison.
61) World Peace, he really lives up to his name.
62) He’s a great role model for all of our youth.
63) The Brooklyn Nets logo…it’s probably the best one in the league.
64) Sometimes Russell Westbrook just needs to shot the ball more often. Stop passing all the time!
65) This man passes the ball every single time! Take a shot. Take a shot Russell!
66) It really was a smart move not re-signing Jeremy Lin.
67) It totally makes sense that Carmen Electra married Dennis Rodman.
68) The 2012 Olympic team could definitely have beaten the Dream Team. Are you serious?
69) They call travel way too much.
70) The thing is, Amare, he’s such an underrated defender!
71) I just feel like NBA players don’t get paid enough money.
72) The player with the most swag? Definitely Tim Duncan.
73) I’m glad I don’t know any of the players competing in the dunk contest. That way I can find out more information about these players.
74) I’ve never seen Space Jam.
75) When the game is on the line, give the ball to LeBron.
76) I don’t like sitting courtside…it’s too close, you know what I mean?
77) I prefer being up higher, like nose-bleed. Then you can see all the fans and all the players simultaneously. That’s the thing…simultaneously.
78) You’re too close. I don’t want to be that close to a player. I don’t want to be able touch…no!
Don’t touch me.
79) The All-Star Game definitely showcases defensive talent.
80) Don’t even get me started on Kevin Garnett. The man plays with no type of intensity.
81) Not only was MJ the best player, but he’s also the best owner too!
82)Larry Bird, he was not the greatest white player of all time.
You know who it was?
Shawn Bradley.
83) Kwame Brown is not a bust.
84) If you look closely, you can see LeBron didn’t travel.
85) NBA Memes isn’t even that funny!
86) Joe Johnson was definitely worth all the money.
87) Lamar Odom just lucked out. He definitely got the prettiest Kardashian.
88) I actually think the summer league is more exciting than the normal season.
89) You know what I want to see more of…those WNBA promos.
90) Chris Bosh, I mean he’s not suspect at all. How could you even say that about Chris Bosh?
91) This is the year the Bobcats start their dynasty.
92) Man this is lame. When does hockey come on? Do you have the remote? Turn it on to golf or something.93) Shawn Marion has the best shot in the league.
94) It’s so pure. It’s so pure!
95) Charles Barkley is so literate!
96) Who is Michael Jordan?
97) The Sacramento Kings are the best team in California.
98) I actually thought Cleveland would win a championship before Miami.
99) I want my son to look just like Sam Cassell.
100) I don’t like Scalabrine.

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