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During election time, we all know how crazy things can get on Facebook, Twitter, and social media in general. People will post the most random political opinions and get into the most heated conversations. Well, I decided to turn that into a video! And thus, Top 100 Things Republicans and Democrats was created!

This video was made prior to the 2012 election. Let me know if you caught yourself saying some of these things back in the day!

Have you ever voted?

Top 100 Things Republicans and Democrats Say List:
2) What does Mitt know about the middle class? The man has been wealthy his whole life.
3) We cannot afford another four years like this.
4) Yeah and where’d you hear that at? MSNBC?
5) I’m not gonna vote for a Romney so the rich can get richer. I’m not doing that!
6) Why would we go back to the same economic principles that got us into this mess? Hmm? Does that make sense? Not to me it doesn’t.
7) I’m not voting for a Mormon. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not voting for a Mormon.
8) Corporations can leverage their money better than the Federal government ever can.
9) Just because I don’t support gay marriage, doesn’t mean I’m homophobic. Tolerance goes both ways.
10) I’m sorry are my Constitutional rights getting in the way of your bigotry?
11) What are we going to start letting people marry chairs next?
12) All Obama has done is add to the deficit and make some cute speeches.
13) Legitimate rape? Where do they come up with this?
14) Obama is too nice. I would’ve been saying the 47% every other sentence in the debate.
15) You want to take the money that I made and give it to people on welfare? NAHH! You know what that’s called? That’s called Socialism!
16) I bet you if we ended welfare the employment rate would be a little bit higher. Bet you that right now. Oh wait, it probably wouldn’t, cause Obama can’t make jobs for anyone.
17) Did this man just say he likes Big Bird? See this…this is what I’m talking about right here.
18) I didn’t work hard to pay for somebody else’s food stamps.
19) All Obama has done since getting destroyed in the debates…is talk about Big Bird.
20) Now you want me to pay for someone else’s health coverage too? Are you serious? I’m not going to do that!
21) Romney did when the debate. He did win the debate…by previously denying everything he’s ever said up to that point.
22) If Obama wins, I’m moving to Canada. You think I’m joking; I already got the place picked out.
23) Do we really know…if Obama is an American citizen? Do we really though?
24) Yes, there are Black Republicans!
25) George Bush doesn’t like black people.
26) Mitt Romney doesn’t like black people.
27) Bill Clinton may have been the best president…of all time.
28) Mitt has no personality though.
29) I cannot believe this man has an attack ad out with Big Bird in it. We’re over here losing jobs and stuff to China and you’re over here making commercials with Big Bird in it? Are you serious right now?
30) Mitt payed like 2% in taxes last year.
31) How do you expect Obama to clean up what Bush did in four years? Four years? Come on, you gotta give the man more time than that! Shoot!
32) Abstinence is 100% effective.
33) The man needs to have a commercial with The Count so he can count the deficit. That’s what he needs to do.
34) You need to get a job, that’s what you need to do.
35) Marco Rubio should’ve been president.
36) He is our future.
37) Hilary 2016? It is too early? I don’t think it is.
38) Mitt Romney has the creepiest smile man. Did you see the debate? It was just weird.
39) Someone needs to tell him to stop doing that.
40) I don’t care what anyone says, the Tea Party is racist.
41) Why would I want to make more money, if you’re just going to tax me on it and give it to other people?
42) Sarah Palin has got to be the worst candidate in the history of all candidates!
43) I really wish she would’ve won the nomination this year.
44) It’s simple economics.
45) Have you seen Little Face Mitt? So funny.
46) I don’t think Barack Obama understands economics at all.
47) Obama ended a war that Bush started.
48) How are Republicans racist? We freed the slaves!
49) There were weapons of mass destruction…that we never found!
50) I’m voting for Ron Paul.
51) Does this guy have a Romney-Ryan sticker in front of us? Oh heck no!
52) Socialism works great until you run out of someone else’s money to spend.
53) If you’re going to come to this country, you need to learn English.
54) Borrow money from your parents? Really?
55) The unemployment rate is higher than Wiz Khalifa is right now!
56) They have black Republicans?
57) That must suck: to get owned on your anniversary.
58) You see the debate? Obama wouldn’t even look at Mitt. That shows you the type of character he has. He wouldn’t even look at the man.
59) It was the altitude, just ask Gore.
60) Man, I’m tired of all these ads!
61) It’s simple arithmetic.
62) I didn’t build that Obama? I worked this whole time and I didn’t build that?
63) Romney’s plan will not work.
64) It will add money to the deficit.
65) Shoot, I wish someone would try to take my guns and my freedom.
66) I’m not saying Republicans are dumb. I’m just saying, every dumb person that I’ve met has happened to be Republican.
67) You heard about that CEO, he threatened to fire his employees if Obama wins? I want to meet this guy, cause I like him.
68) Who is Paul Ryan?
69) I miss Bill Clinton.
70) It already looks like Mitt won to me.
71) Eight years of Bush was enough.
72) How’s that change looking now?
73) I bet Donald Trump is loving all this attention he’s getting now.
74) If Mitt Romney wins this election, I will volunteer as Tribute for the Hunger Games.
75) It’s all about job creation, Obama doesn’t get that.
76) He’s never run a company, obviously!
77) All children are gifts from God.
78) Obama killed Bin Laden. What did Mitt do?
79) Redistribution of wealth, it has a name…it’s called Communism.
80) Want to hear a joke? Barack Obama.
81) You want to cut taxes on the wealthy and then tell us how you’re going to pay for it later?
82) It’s about personal responsibility.
83) Trickle-down Economics does not work!
84) Government that governs least governs the best.
85) Do you know what Mormons believe? They believe you can become a God. DAHECK? Nahh, I’m not…nahh.
86) Mmn…mmnn.
87) If you tax corporations, the less jobs they’re going to be. You see what I’m saying?
88) Al Gore beat Bush in the popular election. I found a couple of votes in my backyard the other day!
89) Why do we even have the Electoral College still?
90) Mitt has no clue about the African-American culture! The man was singing “Who Let the Dogs Out.”
91) Mitt is going to win. They didn’t believe me at first.
92) Now you’re going to see what real change is like.
93) I’m not going to lie, I’m voting for Obama cause I’m black.
94) Have you seen the polls recently? Who’s leading in the polls now?
95) Where’d you hear that, Fox News?
96) I bet Obama would really help if he was elected again. Said no one ever.
97) This is all Bush’s fault.
98) Reagan was the best president of all time.
99) If I could vote for Bill Clinton again, I would.
100) We’re screwed.

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