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With the #FiestaMovement coming to an end, I thought it would be proper to send it off by doing a Top 100 video inside of my vehicle. I’ve actually been meaning to do this video for a while, but I never got around to doing it. So without any further adieu, let’s take a look at the Top 100 Things You Say In The Car (without cussing).

What did I miss? What Top 100 video should I make next?

Top 100 Things You Say In The Car
1) What is this guy doing?
2) What is going on up here?
3) Why are we not moving?
4) Dang!
5) Light’s green buddy.
6) I always choose the lane that goes slow.
7) You got the gas money?
8) Great, we got grandma up here.
9) How do you get a license?
10) How can you drive so slow in a fast car?
11) Why are you driving so slow?
12) Stop backseat-driving.
13) Did you just fart?
14) Oh heck no…
15) Get out…I’m not playing.
16) If this guy doesn’t stop riding me!
17) We got 6 miles to empty.
18) So, this is gonna be interesting.
19) It’s called a blinker buddy!
20) Why don’t you use it!
21) DAHECK is wrong with you!
22) Where is this GPS taking me?
23) Literally, a half a second to use a blinker.
24) I hope that was a squirrel.
25) Unlock the windows right now!
26) Pass him.
27) What are you doing?
28) Take the child lock off.
29) DAHECK are you doing!
30) Get out of the way!
31) You see that car almost hit me?
32) He didn’t even give me a hand wave!
33) So is this light ever going to change?
34) Or…we’re just…we’re just going to sit here like this?
35) Where is he from? New Jersey?
36) Go back to Jersey!
37) None of them know how to drive.
38) No one’s coming.
39) Just gonna…chilling at the light.
40) Spinner rims? People still do that?
41) Why is there even traffic?
42) It’s not even rush hour. I don’t understand this.
43) How long is this light though?
44) Let me over. Let me over!
45) Get off the phone and drive!
46) Please do not pull in front of me…
47) …and he pulled in front of me.
48) Is that a cop?
49) Be cool. Be cool.
50) Act white.
51) Can you get out of the way bicycle!
52) I’m hungry.
53) We need to stop somewhere.
54) I kinda have to pee too.
55) This is that bull. I’ve missed every single light!
56) Is this the ghetto?
57) Do you want to drive?
58) Don’t ever touch a black man’s radio!
What is wrong with you?
What’s wrong with you!
59) How does it take you that long to turn?
60) Get out the road before I hit you!
61) Hold up, the light’s on red. The light is on red.
62) Where are your parents?
63) Move your chair up.
64) You know I got long legs.
65) It’s this left or the left up there?
You passed it.
Great directions!
66) Open parking spot over there. RIght there. You see it?
67) You wanna race? Please, what is that, a hybrid?
68) I really hope this guy doesn’t try and wipe my windshield right now. Aww heck, he’s coming. Lock the doors.
69) That girl is hot!
70) Slow down! Why are you going so fast?
71) I’m not trying to die today.
72) Keep your eyes on the road. What are you doing? Eyes on the road!
73) What are we listening to right now?
74) Turn to some hip-hop or something.
75) You don’t believe in AC?
76) I feel bad for all these sign-twirling people.
77) DAHECK! Gas is cheap over there! What?
78) How you gonna walk in the middle of the…get out the way.
79) I know what I’m doing.
80) Where are we?
81) The light’s on yellow, that means speed up.
82) This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous!
83) Oh snap! What was that?
84) Sir, drive your vehicle!
85) How you gonna have your right blinker on and turn left?
86) Go! I’m letting you go! Oh, ok I’ll just go. I’ll just go.
87) Look at this chump right here, FSU license plate.
88) Stay in your lane!
89) What? What?
90) That’s my jam! Turn it up!
91) You can turn right on red!
92) Is that a crackhead?
93) Yolo!
94) You need to get out the fast lane!
95) Must be a woman driving up there.
96) Can we stop at that Taco Bell though?
97) Must be an Asian driving up there.
98) I gotta take a dump.
99) Must be an Asian woman driving up there.
100) Are we there yet?

What Top 100 video should I make next?
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  1. Sam M. says:

    Great video, Scoot!
    Anyway, I have a question about your ending.
    “John 3:16”, it said.
    Great Bible verse, one of my favorites.
    Is that a new thing you’re doing, putting some of your favorite Bible verses at the end of each video?
    I’m not against it, I’m all for it.
    How about top 100 excuses for late homework next?

    • Appreciate it Sam!
      As far as the ending…I think I’m just going to put John 3:16 at the end of all my videos. The most important verse anyone could read in my opinion! Also a way to let people know I follow Jesus at the same time!
      The next Top 100 video I’m thinking is Top 100 Things Broke People Say! Thoughts?

      • Tre says:

        Just a suggestion but maybe put the John 3:16 at the very beginning bro cuz not everybody stay that long to see it at the end 🙂

  2. Fredrik says:

    Can you make a diary next week?

  3. Austin Elizabeth says:

    loved number 50 xD loled at that
    Was amused by your teddy being on the road trip with you. Ever since I saw your teddy video of you getting him cleaned and restuffed I’m always looking for him in your videos ^.^

  4. Kaithlyn says:

    #87! “FSU license plate” I died!! lol

  5. Tom Harding says:

    Hey Scooter,

    I love your videos and I also want to make YouTube videos in the future, hopefully as a career. I was just wondering about the film production course that you took at college. Is it worth taking it if I’m going to be making YouTube videos? And what does it involve?

    Hopefully you can reply and keep up the awesome videos they are awesome!

    • Hey Tom,

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog! Film classes can help for sure, but honestly you don’t have to go to school for it. Everything about film you can learn from YouTube or just by doing it yourself. A lot of the courses were about the history of radio, television, and film…while some other courses were heavy into the production side…so you had to make short films. I’d still do it over again because it surrounds you with like-minded people and serves as a solid foundation, but it’s really up to you!

  6. Zack says:

    99 So true! Haha also 96 and 97.

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