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May 26, 2013212 Comments


It was time someone exposed the truth about what happens after college. And the truth isn’t pretty.

You get stuck in a cycle of a 9-5 job that you hate (if you’re lucky enough to find one), your free time completely disappears, and the highlight of your day consists of getting lunch at a local pizzeria. This is pretty much your life in a nutshell after college.

Remember those parties you used to go to? How involved you used to be? How much fun you used to have? Yeah, that’s done. Welcome to the real world full of taxes, depression, and tears.

I’m not saying that everyone shares this feeling of hopelessness after college. In fact, some people (almost no one) actually enjoy their lives post college. But a resounding theme among my friends who have left the college scene, is life after college sucks.

You’ve been warned.

Do you think I’m being too harsh? Or did I hit the nail on the head?

What Happens After College YouTube Comments

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  1. Ken says:

    Will the Magic make the playoffs next season?

  2. Elijah says:

    Scooter, What did you major in?

  3. Mohamed Taha says:

    “Don’t turn your passion into your job, turn you passion into your career” Thanks for the advice Scooter!

    And one question, whose winning the tittle this year?

  4. Divya says:

    EXACTLY MAN! This is what I try to tell people, and they still try to focus on their marks and getting into a good university/college, but that’s not going to help you out as much as finding what you love. CONGRATS ON FINDING YOUR PASSION! And did you see Lebron the other day? Daamn.

    • Hey Divya, I was very fortunate I found my passion at an early age! Some people never find it. But as far as people concerned about getting high grades and marks…they will learn about the real world soon enough.

      And as far as LeBron…I’m always watching πŸ™‚ Definitely reverted to his Cleveland Cavalier form in the clutch!

      • Deen says:

        Hey man! The video was hilarious! Please check this out though. The first college student movement has started recently to make people aware of how negative college really is too a lot of students. It’s gonna be HUGE. Your support would be sick Scooter.

        As far as LeBron… too clutch haha

        • Hey Deen,

          I’m not against college in the least. It’s just that most colleges don’t prepare you for what you experience in the real world! Of course this also comes down to the individual student’s drive a lot of the time as well.

          But college isn’t for everyone. However, nowadays it’s almost essential if you want to get a paying job :-/

  5. zoe says:

    hey scooter
    first i need to say that i love your videos.
    this is the first year for me in the college, im studying art and design, and im really tired everyday after school, and sometimes i stayed up all night maybe just to finish one painting..
    too much stress! but i love art and i guess its hard to get a job related to art
    i just dont know what am doing atm and fellin kinda lost πŸ™
    but ur video cheers me up, im lucky cause im doing things that i love and hope ill get a good job related to my major in the future
    thank you so much

    • hey zoe
      I’m glad that you’re loving the videos man!
      Art design seems like it would be rough…but just stick it out man! Especially if you love what you do.
      Just remember DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

  6. Wimpikins says:

    You’re awesome, maaan >..< <- I use that face too much XD

  7. Angie vuurboom says:

    I can relate to this video because im only 14 but i have no idea what i wanna be. I really like the idea of becoming an actress and all my friends think it really suits me too but my parents ( dad and step mum) think that i should get a more stable job; either way each idea has pro’s and con’s which leaves me wondering what to do with my life…

    • Don’t worry Angie, you have time! Just try and figure out something you can see yourself doing everyday!

      As you get older, hopefully it’ll easier to figure out πŸ™‚

  8. JonGRIM says:

    You’re being super real. Love the vid! Its crazy to see how people push the idea of a good college because you need it to get a good paying job.Then most don’t even get a job for what they studied and end up getting a totally different job so school became a useless thing they did. Obviously thats not always the case, just what I’v seen.
    On another note hey Scooter MR. Magruder, would you be interested in a hyper realistic portrait? Feel free to e mail me if you’re interested so we can talk about details.I could send you some of my art as a sample so you may see if you’re interested.Sorry I had to contact you this way, wasn’t sure if you would see it otherwise.

  9. Randy Maas says:

    You are soooo right !
    This are the best years of my life..
    Im nearly 17 now. Thanks for making this video man !
    Bless you !

  10. Nagiv says:

    Hey scooter im a big fan and i was wondering if you could give me a shoutout in your next video also thanks for the funny videos every week

  11. Tim says:

    Two questions:
    Who do you dislike more? The miami heat or the referees at the heat games?

    Will you be doing more “stuff ____ fans say when football season starts?

    P.S. love your videos man

    • Two answers:
      I dislike the Miami Heat more than anything.

      I doubt I will be starting back up the Stuff ____ Fans Say again for football season, only because football is restricted to just an American audience.

      I might be dropping some other sports videos though!

      P.S. glad you’re loving the videos…don’t stop watching!

  12. Jeanine says:

    TRUTH! You definitely hit the nail on the head. I worked at chuck e cheese after college. Smh. You forgot to mention your other option though, which is to go back to school and rack up more loans and delay the truth a few more years.

    Oh and btw you have the most adorable freckles in your nose…..

    • Chuck E. Cheese FTW!

      And I definitely forgot to touch on Grad School…but at least they know what’s waiting for them either way!

      My mom keeps telling me to wear sunscreen so I don’t get more freckles! I’ll tell her you like them though

  13. Samuel Wilson says:

    Hey Scooter,

    Great video! I would just say that the people who are willing to work hard will invariably make it to a better job than the local pizzeria, whether or not they went to college.

    Also coming from a Bulls fan: The Magic are toast. They should clear their roster and offer Dwight Howard 60 million.

    • Hey Samuel,

      Glad you liked the video! The pizzeria reference was referring to when you go to lunch from your job!

      But you are definitely right, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


  14. Hazel says:

    I just graduated college only a few days after my graduation I broke down crying. I don’t want to be a regular person slaving to the clock everyday! So you’ve said a mouthful here!

    • I know Hazel…no one prepares you for the real world! The struggle is real.

      Hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy doing so your job won’t seem like a job at all!

  15. Indra says:

    and i thought college sucked…..
    I am majoring in business and i have no knowledge on what i study on a daily basis. i guess i’m a little glad to know that I will not find it as useful in the real world lol

    Anyway love ur vids. Just letting you know you got fans from around the world. Keep it up scooter!
    PS: I live in an island called Indonesia which is on the other goddamn side of the world where traffic jams has become my daily breakfast

    • You thought college sucked???

      But yeah man, degrees really don’t mean that much in the real world. It’s who you know, not what you know!

      Glad you’re loving the videos though and I’m glad I have supporters all the way in Indonesia!

  16. Lilly says:

    Hey Scooter,
    GREAT TOPIC! Although, almost all of my engineering friends haven’t found jobs either lol.. :/ but I’m glad I understand college is absolutely the best time of life. Still got another year left πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    ps. Found your YouTube channel because of Endurance. I was on season 5. Good times! Keep following your passions!

    • Hey Lilly,
      This topic needed to be done, especially with all the recent college graduates! I’m shocked your engineering friends haven’t found jobs yet…that is surprising!

      Enjoy your senior year in college! And Endurance Blue Team ALL DAY!!!

  17. Kayla says:

    Scooter I am actually going back to college after screwing up my freshman year and taking a year off. I am about to be 21 and I so afraid. I want to major in English Teaching, but you said I probably won’t get a job right out the gate. Why did you have to scare me like that??! I don’t want to work at radio shack after my degree is finished!! I’m not about that life! Plus my boyfriend took the easy route, got a culinary arts associates degree and OWNS his own restaurant! I feel like a failure compared to him! What should I do? I know I can graduate from college, but it’s so darn hard and now I’m afraid to graduate because of you! Help scooter! Ayuda me!

    • Hey Kayla! I think you’re doing the right thing getting a degree, but keep in mind the people who get jobs are the ones who seek out internships and make connections in college!

      I didn’t mean to scare you, just meant to tell you the TRUTH, which no one seems to be saying until it’s too late.

      I don’t know if I’m qualified to give you any advice for your life though because ultimately you should do what’s best for you!

  18. Luke Weber says:

    Hey Scooter! Is being a YouTuber your career and how much do you get payed from it? I’m passionate about filmmaking, and entertaining people; that’s why I love YouTube. If you could reply that would mean a lot. Thanks!

    – Luke

    • Hey Luke! Being a YouTuber is not my career, entertaining is my career and YouTube is the platform that I’m using to do that!

      I can’t discuss how much I get payed for YouTube due to the terms of the contract, but know I’m surviving and I don’t have to eat Ramon noodles every night…just every other night.


  19. Kaydizzle says:

    Omg I love you! I JUST finished my junior year of high school and I’m scared of college itself let alone life after!
    Sooo do you find it better togo to a community college first? Then go to a university just to save money?
    Thanks again I laughed so hard on this video.. your amazing πŸ˜‰

    • Kaydizzle says:

      hey sexy lady

    • Kaydizzle,

      What uppppp! I love you too! For a lot of people, going to a community college is definitely a great alternative and a way to save some money.

      For me, I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship that covered a lot of my expenses when I was in college! So try and find some scholarships!

      Also, you’re amazing too!

  20. David says:

    I have actually lost confidence in myself last year while I was taking courses at FAU. My teacher was explaining to the class that if you learn how to use SPSS that you’ll become more employable and I’m like I can’t be more employable 10 to 20 years down the line. I’m young now so I need something now to lay a solid foundation upon myself. I’ve even delayed graduation because of this fear of uncertainty. I hate the fact that people instill this “false hope” into college students that when you graduate you’ll be set. What about now? Any thoughts Scooter?

    • Hey David,

      Don’t worry man, you are not alone. A lot of people have no clue what they’re doing with their lives (myself included).

      Honestly, the only way I can ever figure out what I should be doing is to pray. Not sure what your religious beliefs are, but as a Christian this seems to be one of the few ways I find direction in life.

  21. Deian says:

    I really found this video helpful! I’m about to become a senior next year in high school and I was really trying to figure out what I like. A lot of people do say when you graduate from college you usually cant find a job with something you like. I found it hard to believe but it turns out,it really is true. I want to do something in the computer field. I’m not decided yet on really what area would be the best to find a career for. Any advice? And keep up the good work man! These type of videos can really help some of your fans.

    • Hey Deian!

      My best advice is to find something you love and do it well. Do it so well that people would be stupid NOT to hire you.

      Regardless of what field you choose, make sure to make contacts and form relationships with people. It’s WHO you know that counts the most.

  22. Massoot says:

    Hey Scooter, I remember seeing your (High school?) graduation in one of your videos, and I recall hearing your name called as the senior class president. Were you the class president of your high school? Or was that college?

  23. bjorn says:

    is this really true

  24. David says:

    Next year I will be attending college. But I don’t have any passion for the major I choose. Should I risk doing something I like but unlikely to succeed,or pursue my major I don’t like but for a more stablized future.

    • Do something that you love. If you love it, then you’ll force yourself to succeed no matter what the cost.

      You may make more money or be more successful at another job…but you’ll also be miserable.

  25. Jack McNally says:

    Completely agree with the video, very good words of advice, but what would you say to people who are undicided on whether they want to goto Uni or not?
    P.S. love the channel

    • That all depends on what you want to do! In the U.S. it’s almost a requirement for any job that you have a degree.

      But if you see yourself starting a business or creating the next innovative software, a degree might not be as useful.

      P.S. Glad you’re loving the channel πŸ™‚

  26. John says:

    Scooter what do want to accomplish with your youtube videos?

    • Great question man. At first, I wanted to use YouTube as an outlet to get acting jobs. However, with the current trends of new media and online video, YouTube is becoming a viable career option.

      I still do have desires to do more traditional acting roles so be on the lookout!

  27. Modesto says:

    Yo Scooter,
    GREAT video this week. Even though I’m still a HS student i can still use these tip now. I have one question, if you wouldn’t have chosen film production, what would have you gone into?

    • What’s up man?

      If not film production…then it would probably have been acting or entrepreneurship. I love acting and pretty much all YouTubers are entrepreneurs anyways.

  28. Definitely not being too harsh. This is the realest post out on YouTube right now. Wish someone would have told me the same! I still have faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel tho!


  29. Cornhole says:

    Be a comedian and wprk for Kanye West.

  30. Joel says:

    Hey Scooter, I love your videos you’re amazing.
    I was wondering if you are religious because nowadays no one really cares about religion… it’s rare to meet religious people and it really annoys me. They always bring religious people down. Thanks man

  31. Keaton says:

    Hi Scooter! Haha I met you at playlist. You probably don’t remember me though. I said something about dwight howard watching my videos. I don’t know. I don’t make sense when I say things. Anyway, just keep up the good work with videos and stuff! You’re one of my favorite people to watch because your videos are good, and your editing is equally as good, and I know how long it takes to properly edit something… end of comment or whatever?

  32. Ryah says:

    Haha oh damn thanks for making me even more worried about going into my senior year of college… But really though, great video this week, fantastic channel!

  33. So, if leaving college means no social life, no good jobs, and paying bills, doesn’t that beg the question, why would anyone ever leave college??

  34. Sandra says:

    Just saying- youre the most amazing youtuber out there! Seriously. I used to never find youtube that exciting till i discovered ur vids. Thanks for wasting my time :))

  35. Christopher Lemon says:

    Hey scooter is it weird if my dad is a FSU fan but went to UF?? By the way Go Gators!!!

  36. Adi says:

    Scooter, what’s your major?

  37. Hi Cameron,

    First of all, congrats on your blessings! Hard work pays off.
    This video hit the spot…it is so my life right now lol! I actually was blessed to get a job in my field of study before I graduated from UF… But I am the youngest in my company, and they do talk about their kids, etc. LOL. I like it but it’s not my passion. My passion is bead embroidery, but I’m struggling to make a career out of it…
    Help! Lol

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you for your blessings!
      I’m glad you were able to find a job right out of college…that’s definitely rare!
      I wish I could offer some advice about people telling you about their children!

      Also, Jeremy says hi πŸ™‚

      • No problem!

        Yeah I was definitely lucky! It’s sweet hearing about the kids and all, but we are not family up in here lol we are co-workers.

        Anyhoo, umm yeah I don’t trust dating sites haha! You should totally make a video about that!!!! Dating sites gone wrong or Top 10 things people lie about on their profiles lol.
        Yeah Jeremy knows I’m struggling in that dept!hehe.
        Tell her I said Heeeey Boo! (Nikki Parker’s voice).

        Take care,

  38. Jordan M says:

    Hey Scooter, I’m about to enter college as a broadcast major and my hope is to go into sports talk radio. Do you think I need college to do this or am I just wasting my time and money?

    • Yes, but definitely make sure you get an internship ASAP and also some experience with the local news stations or student news stations.

      With a broadcast major it’s definitely all about who you know, so going to college can help you make those connections that you need!

  39. That’s a good thought, you could also sell illegal drugs. Just kidding (but seriously).

    You better find out what you love soon Aaliyah! You don’t want to end up working a 9-5 job that you hate for the rest of your life, just in case you don’t marry into wealth πŸ™‚

  40. Naomi says:

    literally, I’m a sophomore in high school and now I’m terrified. I think I’m having a pre-mid life crisis.

    But good video! terrifying for me but good.

  41. Michelle says:

    Great videos and even better advice!

    PS come to Toronto, Canada maybe you’ll find yourself a nice girl πŸ˜‰ haha jks there are no nice girls..

  42. Will Thomas says:

    Hey scooter I’m a huge fan. Do you think the newly named hornets will help us up here in Charlotte?

    …..I hope so

  43. Johnny says:

    Supp Scooter! You should make a video of what baseball players say! Or, a top 100 list of what some kinds of people say, maybe some baseball players. I really love your videos.
    BTW, I know I am leaving this comment on a video you made about College. I’m planning on going to USC to major in film and play for the Trojans.
    Hopefully some scout will look at me and I will go to the Minors and into the majors.
    Thanks, Johnny.

    FYI, Yolo swag.

    • Whatup Johnny! Unfortunately I don’t follow baseball in the least πŸ™ which is probably why you haven’t seen any baseball videos. But I hope you get into USC film, that would be epic!

      FYI, No Jugamos Juegos, Throw me the alley.

  44. BHMacy says:

    Mr. Magruder,

    Just graduated this year!! and this video couldn’t be more on point!! :(It’s like you’ve been reading the texts between my friends. What I’m not paying in rent I’m making up for in shame and humiliation. I have to negotiate the times I come home at night and I’m a GROWN women. I come home from work around 10 at night and the last thing I want to do is go hang out! So how am I supposed to meet guys and make friends? Am I doomed to a craptacular dead-end job where I do nothing but gain weight and collect miniatures? Should I go buy some cats? #notaboutthatlife (:(


  45. James Kirkwood says:

    Hey scotter can u call me man … Your really cool person your videos are so real and I can relate to alot of thing u talk about

  46. Jamaria D. says:

    Hi Scooter,
    I love all your videos and your super funny
    But I’m actually graduating high school in a couple days and this video got me thinking. Because I want to be a teacher and my mom keeps saying they don’t make that much money and I always say that it’s something that I love and want to do. I’d wether that then choosing a high paying career and I don’t even love what I do. What do you think, strive for the money or strive for the passion?

    • Hi Jamaria,

      So far from what all my friends have told me, it’s better to love your job and take less pay…than to hate your job and get paid more!
      In the end, that’s something only you can decide though!

  47. Anthony says:

    Im in my last year of community college. I went for graphic design, and I hated it. Should I go to a 4 year college for Engineering, or should I go back to community college for it?

  48. Salomon says:

    “Man I can’t Wait to Get Out Of Here” That cracked me UP..

  49. Josh says:

    Big time viewer i am and i thought of jack in the box for my resteraunt and i wonder how much the mascot jack makes money wise wat do you think that could be a career haha

  50. Shayna Rivas says:

    See that’s what happens when you graduate with your undergrad…its also why I am going to Med School Fall 2014. But your right about passion, you’ll always hate what your doing if you don’t have the passion for it.

  51. Simon says:

    I don’t know if it is a HUGE difference in countries cultures or what. But here in mine, University/College is free, so we don’t need to have loans or jobs to maintain our education. It’s a big difference from what you say it will happen to what I see here. Everyone that has a University degree here has tons of opportunities, compared to those who decided not to continue studying after High School. Those are the ones that end up working in offices and McDonalds. I repeat, it might be the difference in culture.

    • Yeah it is quite different! In America now, it’s almost at the point where you NEED a degree just to be considered for jobs. A bachelor’s degree is the new high school diploma.

      Where are you from?

  52. Dwayne says:

    Hey Scooter, whats going on? You were right, Im an engineering major and did not get a job as an engineer but I fell into IT which is good, I find it funny you dont get a job in your major but as something else.

  53. Shaneel says:

    Scooter! We lived in the same dorm at UF (Murphree Area), I forgot how I know that. Has to be some video I saw on your channel. You crack me up immensely in your videos! I love seeing you do what brings you joy and your development along the way. Keep on being amazing!

    ps: A bit risky, but maybe try Top 100 Non-Politically Correct Comments

    • What up Shaneel! Murphree is the place to be!!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos and I’ll try to keep being amazing, only if you agree to keep watching the videos!

      ps: I made a video kinda similar to Top 100 Non-Politically Correct Comments here

  54. Kane says:

    Hey Scooter,

    Just wanna say I love your videos. This comes from an die-hard FSU fan who lives in Tallahassee, so you know you must be doing a good job.

    Props for keeping it clean too. I love being able to share the videos on my social networking stuff.

    If you are ever in Tallahassee for a video shoot you should shout it out on Facebook. I’d love to be in one. I know it’s enemy territory but you would be welcomed…for the most part.

    • Hey Kane,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos man! I must be doing something right if Noles are watching!

      Gotta keep the videos clean though…it’s just who I am as a person so it would be weird if I made videos that aren’t clean.

      I should be in Tally soon though shooting a Magruder Mobile episode! Be on the lookout in the future!

  55. Crystal says:

    After I graduated college the same thing happened to me. I ended up working for a shrew of a boss who owned the business. I found out that he didnt have a degree and he barely graduate high school. I said I cant continue to live this way. So I started my own consulting business and now Im back in school and Im two semesters away from my MSW… Everything you said in the video is the TRUTH!!! Turn your passion into a career I did!!

    • Hey Crystal!

      I’m glad you were able to get out of that job and find something you were passionate about! People don’t realize the struggle that happens after college!

      If I ever need some consulting I know who to come to πŸ™‚

  56. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the response!!! I edited and build resumes(based on true info of course..:) I had to learn this real quick out there job hunting. I feel like such an old person, but I’ve been telling every kid I know that’s headed to college the same thing that you are saying. Also another good way to get a job before you graduate is to do a lot of volunteering and internships. That way it gives you an edge and makes you more marketable for employers to hire you!! And I’m ready whenever you are for a consultation.

  57. Hey Scooter!

    I totally agree with everything summed up in your video, but I actually wrote a book to counteract this. Im 18, from London and I flipped the traditional roles and I interviewed interviewers from major companies including Morgan Stanley all the way to Hollister with the subject title being “how do we impress employers?” I’ve had no funding for my project and I have done literally everything by myself. Impressing Employers is also the only job guide which merges entrepreneurial elements asking successful people about their first jobs for a rag to riches tale. I am heading to LA this Fall hoping to reach more figureheads for its sequel. So far I have Tobuscus in my radar, I have his managers number and what not and we will see how things go. Anyway! Great video, I shared. Always tune in every sunday, keep it up! and please take a look at my trailer for my book Impressing Employers. Over and out from London, England.


    • Hey Nathan!

      That’s really impressive! Would definitely be cool if you got to interview Tobuscus. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the book.

      SIDE NOTE: I’ve edited your comment to keep it in line with my comment policy

  58. Sam says:

    Bro you are 100% correct about this..i lucked out because I majored in pre-med but I see it with my family and friends they are all going through this

  59. Carol says:

    Hiya Scooter!

    I’m 98% writing this comment because you said you reply to all comments on your website. ο»Ώ(β€’β—‘β€’)/

    I totally agree with the vid, though my life started at 18. I’m a mommy to two who is trying to get a degree right now, so I know all about those…uncomfortable realities when you look at your bank account.

    PS–You made me giggle about the coworker’s kids stuff. “BASK IN THE GREATNESS THAT IS MY BABY!” Teehee.

    PPS–Love your videos!

  60. Caleb Taufi says:

    Yeah man everyone who doesn’t have a plan will face these problems.

  61. Tyler Jones says:

    geeeezz Scooter, thanks for making me want to figure out a way to turn my two years left of school into 5. Killing me man!

    GO MAGIC! too bad Marcus Smart didn’t declare for the draft this year. Was looking forward to nabbing him and watching him play for us for many years. Not stoked on the draft this year but hopefully Noel gets picked first cause I don’t want any part of that!

    • Gotta keep it real man!

      THE MAGIC WILL WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Have you heard the rumors about us getting Eric Bledsoe from the Clippers for Afflalo? Would be interesting to see how that plays out.
      I’m with you on the Noel part though…not enough potential + injury prone.

      • Tyler Jones says:

        They will win it soon dude! I’ve heard them and not sure what to think. Afflalo is a nice veteran piece to have, but Bledsoe could be a nice player to have moving forward. As much as I love Jameer, we will need to do something with him soon. Don’t get me started on doing something with Hedo, though! I can get hot talking about that!

        Couple years and we will be back in the ‘ship. Then all the bandwagoners will be back with us. Jump off of the Heat and onto ours and say they were fans all along.

        Keep up the good work on the videos brother. Really enjoy watching them and seeing some good, entertaining, and actually positive videos on youtube. Look forward to watching many more. Come back to UCF!

  62. Well damn then lol Im a freshman in college and im glad i saw this. Its just confirmation that I should continue getting better at making Youtube videos. Thanks Scooter! πŸ˜€

  63. Barney says:

    You’ve just recited my entire post-college life! Almost word for freaking word! I now work for a radio station a newsreader, and everyone is in their 30s/40s and talking about their weddings and stupid babies. I have to fake a polite laugh every time I’m shown a photograph.

    It’s true that you have to work hard to get where you want. I ought to listen to Ray Lewis speeches more often.

  64. JaNaye says:

    soooo since im graduating in december, and will be going to a mostly male-dominated field, this is very depressing. but at least there is minimal traffic in the morning to where the job i want to work is πŸ™‚ and its a nice 45-55 min drive. but alas, my parentals did tell me such things. i still would rather work tho than study thermal hydraulics…just saying. lol tell me if you feel different.

  65. Condessa says:

    I love all your videos but this one is my favorite one.
    Turn your passion into your career is the best advice you could have given any college student.
    Keep up the good work and Go Gators!

  66. Stephanie says:

    Hey, I literally subscribed to your channel last night, and watched about ten plus videos, I couldn’t stop I became addicted. Anyways please keep em coming you are hilarious.

  67. Susie Newton says:

    FALSE! … that’s hilarious

    Haha I love your videos. Look forward to them every week! And even tho I’m over 50, I can say your video could have applied to college grads 30 years ago, too. You spoke the truth.

    Your advice to FOLLOW YOUR PASSION is spot on. Glad you have lots of followers. Keep the videos coming!!

  68. Natasha says:

    Definitely agree with everything you said. I graduated a year ago and even at the ripe age of 23, I feel like I should be way more accomplished than I already am. The first 6 months after college I basically fumbled around, had a part time job, then got into grad school but STILL, even after the excitement of getting accepted, the inevitable doom of student loans started to get to me. Life, man. ’tis rough sometimes.

  69. Angela says:

    Dude I just wanna say I love your videos they r flipping amazing. How you come up with that stuff? I DON’T EVEN KNOW! Anyway. To the point of the video before I go crazy xD

    I’m in middle school atm and I loooooove it but the problem is, homework…. I procrastinate soooooooo much, it isn’t even real. Schools tomorrow and I have a pile of hw just waitin for me. So my question is, how the hell do I stop procrastinating!?!?!?!?!?

    Anyway collage seems fun, I go on a bus to school and we always talk to the collage students and they tell us the crazy stuff they do!
    Also can’t you get a job while in collage? Because that’s what most people do in England, but I think you’re from America (sorry If I’m wrong!!!) so I dunno things might be a little different!

    Thanks for the awesome videos man, keep it up!!

    P.S (maybeeeeee could you do 100 things we say while procrastinating or 100 things we do while procrastinating, I dunno it seems to me like a good video topic to do!) (:

    • Hey Angela!
      I’m glad you love watching my videos πŸ™‚ Most of the stuff I just get from watching and listening to my friends!

      As far as procrastinating, I wish I could give you some help…I’m the worst procrastinator there is!

      College is definitely fun though, but it’s not that easy to get a REAL job while in college. It’s very time consuming to go to college full-time and have a job as well, at least in America (I am from the U.S.)

      And as long as you keep watching the videos, I’ll keep making them!
      P.S. (that is a great idea πŸ™‚ )

      • Angela says:

        Yeah most people here get jobs at clothes shops or shops such as tesco, sainsburys ect. Which for u guys would be places like Walmart ect. You see kids in they’re 16-17-18 working EVERYWHERE in those shops!!

        I’m glad you like the idea! πŸ˜€

  70. Christine says:

    Man, that video was 100% TRUE!! So spot on. I just graduated from FSU in August..and I wish someone had told me this. Especially the moving back home part… O.O!!! I thought ‘oh, it will be so much fun. I missed my mom and sister. It’ll be great to be my new adult self while not paying rent. LA LA LA’…NO. -__- not what has happened.
    It’s rough out here’s rough.

    P.S. Go Noles! πŸ˜›

    • Hahahahaha, moving back seems like a good idea in theory! And then you’re hit with the realness…


  71. Nadia says:

    Hello, Scooter!

    I have to say I love all of your videos, and this in particular made me think about the reality here in my country (Brazil).
    People here in Brazil don’t leave their houses to go to college, they just go there daily, take the classes and go back home. And here almost 100% of people both have a job AND go to college (so they can pay for it). We have too little financial help from the government, and once the best colleges are in the capital, all people that do not live in that urban area have to go through a daily journey to get there and, you know, just have some chances in life.
    So you can imagine that when they get back home is late, but they still have to work their hearts out to pass the exams and find some time to family and rest.
    I just wanted to point this out, so you guys will know that there are people in a worse situation. I know the realities of our countries are totally different, but we are all working for the best here, and I’m sure you are doing the same there.

    Thank you for you patience and reading so far!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Nadia!

      Thank you for pointing this out! I honestly had no idea what the situation was like in other countries, just what it’s like in America.
      Seems like we have it pretty easy πŸ™‚

      And thank you so much! You keep watching and I’ll keep making them!

  72. Jeesun says:

    So funny! I just subscribed to your YouTube page. Personally, I think graduating in 3 years is a good idea since it would save students a lot of money. I just graduated from the University of Miami (I see you don’t like HEAT!)!! Best years of my life.

    But I love your videos. Keep up the good work!

    BTW, I see you graduated from UF studying Film. Are you planning on working on any feature films or short films?

    • The University of Miami??? SMH —> GATOR NATION ALL DAY

      But yes, college was so fun! Glad you love the videos too πŸ™‚

      As far as feature films or short films, I think I’m going to try and focus on building my audience on YouTube for a while before I branch out!

  73. Jon Brown says:

    Hey scooter, im currently in high school, and have a plan of what I want to major in, in college and then some places I could hopefully work at. But i heard you say “turn your passion into your carreer” but my only real passion that I can think of would be basketball, which I know for a fact would be impossible to make a career out of. What do you suggest i do? I think i would want to follow my plan that i made for myself and dont see it being a problem although the major im planning on isnt my “passion” persay.

    • Hey Jon, it honestly does not matter what you major is in college. It’s really all about who you know! With that being said, you want to be SURE that you are in a field you enjoy because or else you will be miserable. Maybe you can’t be in the NBA but instead you become a broadcast journalist. It all depends on what inspires you!

  74. Ashley says:

    So true! It seems fear and/or laziness keeps people from letting passions become their career. Those *with* passion don’t always think it can happen for them, while those without true passion (just hobbies at which they excel) don’t feel inspired or motivated enough to believe those favorite skills could become an income source – much less continue to be a secure one later on.

    I’m willing to admit I’ve got a little bit of both. I love to write (blog above) and draw (toons) and am alright at both; but not knowing where to start (when my degree was actually in biology) is half the battle.

    How did you get your start?
    If you hadn’t had a film degree, do you think you’d have been as successful?
    Is it too late for us wrong-side-of-25-ers, in your humble opinion?
    I enjoy your videos immensely!

    Well wishes, <3~A

    • Hey Ashley!

      You definitely make some great points! But to answer your questions:

      I first started making YouTube videos after watching thinking one day “Hey, I can do that.” So I made a video and put it on YouTube…and it was horrible. Like really bad.
      But I kept on learning the different techniques…eventually my on-camera personality grew bigger and better.

      If I didn’t get a film degree…I don’t know if I would’ve been as successful initially, but almost everything film related you can learn on YouTube.

      Finally, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE. NEVER. Some big YouTubers started making videos on the wrong side of 25!

      Never stop watching!
      Scooter Magruder

  75. Daniela says:

    Make a video on the things your girlfriend/boyfriend don’t understand:)

  76. Joy says:

    Wow, I almost wish you had posted this sooner! I just graduated, so now this is the story of my life -_- lol

    What steps did take you to transition from this awkward/borderline depressing stage after college to where you are now? (Assuming you went through that phase). How long do you think it took?

  77. Linda Ross says:

    Huge fan of yours since day one!! We want to take you to a Magic Game and we have great seats! Seriously!!

  78. Joy says:

    Ah, touchè. I guess I had a faulty assumption. Thanks for the reply though. It set me straight. Haha.

    Oh, also, I think it’s pretty awesome that you’re Christian and that you let some of your values show in your videos. πŸ™‚ I know that it can be tough at times to remain firm in one’s beliefs, so it’s cool that you are able to do that even in the public eye.

    Well, thanks for being awesome and keep up the good work! πŸ˜€

  79. Millie says:

    Thanks for the inspiration dude! Finally someone who understands why I’m not just scraping by in high school and am actually studying! I’m going into my sophomore year next term

  80. Carlos Gomez says:

    Hey! I Saw Your Channel Today And You Got A Great Channel!
    I Saw The Video Where You Talked About How You Gotta Big Collab And When You Where As Big As You Are now.
    But I Keep Dreaming About Me Getting A Big Collab.
    I Would Love To Work With You,But I Don’t Know If You Would Consider me.
    I Make Videos Every Week… Atleast Try To Put Them Out There and Im Getting Better But Check Me Out Search RealCarlosGomez πŸ™‚ and Message Me Or Email Me Or Youtube Message Me? πŸ™‚

  81. Mohsin says:

    It’s a pity that many people spend tons of money going to college and getting a degree just for the sake of following the conventional path. There’s more to life than money, although money is important. I just wish people can reflect on what’s best for the world instead of what’s best for themselves.

  82. Leelee4829 says:

    Hi Scooter I Am a Long time Fan from Early 2012 And I Was Wondering could Check out my channel? I U Like it could u comment? Or Like? Thx!

  83. Kellee J says:

    Hi Scooter,

    I’m late to the party on commenting, but hard to “throw you the alley” on this one… Graduating and immediately moving to a big city where over 80 % of the population already had an undergrad degree was eye-opening. Took a month to find a job that had nothing to do with my major… Thankfully, I married the M.M.O.G. I went to school with and his job carried us through the Ramen noodle eatin times.

  84. KelleeJ says:

    M.M.O.G. = Mighty Man Of God

  85. Melissa says:

    These were my exact sentiments! I told my friend the same thing and she got mad at me. Like huh? I’m trying to help you out O.o … Anyway, so I decided to take a gap year (before I proceed to year 3 of my major) to reflect. I am doing something I don’t particularly enjoy but my parents won’t allow me to change courses so I’m stuck. *Sigh. Keep doing what you do Scooter. Much respect

  86. Aries says:

    Saying that college is the best years of your life is kind of sad and definitely not true. As much as I enjoyed college, i actually love my life after college. I am a high school math teacher and i graduated college three years ago and directly after college I became a math teacher in my community and working with the most amazing group of students ever. I met the love of my life after college and I have had the opportunity to travel the country for professional development paid by my job. (i get paid for my three summer months of leisure time). They are also paying for my grad school. College was 4 years full of great memories, but none of it compares to my life now.

  87. Lexa says:

    I want to ask something..well i’m planing to moving and studying 3D game design, but my problem is that i don’t know for this career if its better Uni or Collage. I heard from people that its waste of time to study this in uni and in collage too, others saying its better in collage, because i actually need just 2 years to study. I really don’t want to waste my time and of course money, so i need advice. I’ll be very thankful to any advices.

  88. Bj says:

    Hey Scooter, Hope all is well.

    Thank you for making this vid.

    I remember watching this vid in my last year in college back in 2013, and I never understood because I thought it only affected Americans.

    Oh my word, was I so wrong. When I re-watched this vid today, the memories flowed in and I was just like “wow this is exactly what happened to me almost word for word in the last 3 yrs”

    1. Moved back in with parents
    2. Had to pay $400 to get an unpaid internship
    3. No more time
    4. TRAFFIC!!
    5. No relationships/new friends
    6. I am the youngest at work! WTF?
    7. Got fat
    8. Miserable in my current role (it’s okay for now as it pays well)
    9. Paying back student loan
    10. Realising my parents were right!!!

    I follow all my parents advice now, I bought an investment property, I invest my money and have a side-business following my passion. My goal is to get out of the rat race in the next 15 years. Wish me luck!

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