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June 2, 201368 Comments


It has been a quick minute since I released a How-To video. So I thought, why not hit you guys with How To Tell If He Likes You. Relationship advice videos always tend to do well and this is a topic I know a lot of girls struggle to comprehend.

Guys are simple. We say what we mean and mean what we say (for the most part).The same rules apply when it comes to relationships. Personally, I will straight up tell a girl “I like you” because I don’t have time for games (no jugamos juegos). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it gets the point across.

How do you tell someone you like them?

How To Tell If He Likes You YouTube Comments

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  1. Melody says:

    Loved the video:)

  2. Serah says:

    If a guy is 35 & you are 19, is he too old for you?

  3. Nick says:


    Another great video by my favorite YouTuber. What are your honest predictions for the 2013 Dallas Cowboys?

  4. Alexander says:

    Now then… All I need to do is stop being shy and project that I like someone.

  5. Sana says:

    you are adorable! and this is so accurate

  6. David says:

    You forgot to mention a few. If the enjoys looking at you for more than 3 seconds (particularly making eye contact) if he brings up your name in conversations, smiles, laughs, or blushes at the sight or remark of the one he likes, or likes to hang around you or talk about you. Those are some red flags right there.

    BTW, go Heat! Games were rigged. SMH!

  7. Nina says:

    What if a guy has a girlfriend and he says he likes you, but he won’t leave his other girlfriend for you?

  8. mavis says:

    Another Cool and funny video πŸ™‚

  9. Jamar says:

    What your Xbox live gamer tag

  10. James Kirkwood says:

    How long does it take u to edit these videos ???? I edit sometime Mann it can be tedious at times…. Kirkwood20 check the page out not much but it’s a little something ….

    • It takes 6-8 hours normally…Top 100 videos take twice as long :-/

      I will check out the page and see what’s up!

      • James Kirkwood says:

        I feel u i can imagine the time…ur vids are still great …. im stilll waiting for your first movie haha…Do u make like a blueprint before u film Or u just wing it? Thanks man your awesome

  11. Emily says:

    OMG ;O I LOVE you <3

  12. French guy says:

    Nice video Scooter but I wish Daheck and Stuff fans say(nba version) came back,those were my favorite shows.I’m not a grown man yet since I’m only 17 but you are so I therefore throw you the alley!Holla!

    • Hey man,

      Those were both fun series to make, but they secluded my female audience. When I was making those videos my audience was 90% male. Now I try to make videos that every can enjoy, no matter if they watch sports or not!

  13. Cameron Davis says:

    Just thought I’d say that we have the same name, and I am a huge fan. And keep making videos.

  14. Lilly says:

    Me and this guy got close, and the reason for that was because I always thought he liked someone else, so I never had to worry about him liking me.
    However, one day, we were having a conversation, and I said that I liked him as a friend, he said, “But I don’t, whatever I’m trying too hard.”
    What does that mean?

  15. Justin says:

    Even though this is said in the youtube comments, just wanted to ask if you could do a “how to tell if she likes you” video.
    Loved this vid though…y yo tambiΓ©n (no jugamos juegos)

    Take care (Y) till next vid πŸ˜€

  16. Sean says:

    Hey Scooter, wanted to say I found your “endurance” season on youtube. I love how you brought a teddy bear πŸ™‚

  17. the dallas cowboys WILL NOT win the super bowl, goodnight

  18. Trey says:

    Can you make a “How to tell if she likes you video?” and by the way I love the “Talking to myself (yourself) series!

  19. Citty says:

    Scooter, can you please explain what “Throw mw the ally” means?

  20. Chamlee says:

    Heyy Scooter!

    I love your videos, they r all really funny and helpful(plus ur really cute)! But I have a question? I can’t seem to find a guy that won’t do me wrong. What are some signs that a guy is a dog so I can watch out for them next time?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Chamlee,

      Thank you for the compliment πŸ™‚ As far as advice, every guy is different. I can’t give you advice that will apply to every single guy forever.

      But I can say that guys who like you will always make time for you and never pressure you to do anything that you don’t want to do!

  21. James says:

    Scooter!! Great video man! You’re pretty much spot on right here! I feel like guys tend to friendzone themselves by not doing any of these!!

    keep up the good work!


  22. Sharliett says:

    Ohmygoodness LOVED the video-ha as usual, but there is this one guy who I thought liked me, and he didnt get “some” from me, but we are now like on-and-off texting. Should I just debunk this as him being busy? Or is there somethin up?

  23. Johnny says:

    Hey scooter I’ve always been a fan and I was wondering if u wanna join my fantasy football league. I can take down anybody πŸ˜‰

  24. Dan says:

    Hey Dan here big fan… Any way how long does it take you to think of this stuff you’re hilarious bro PS this is not an attempt to increase communication… NO JUGAMOS JUEGOS… THROW ME THE ALLEY

    • Hey Dan,

      For some reason this video took a LONG time to edit…normally vlogs take between 4-6 hours depending on how many cuts I make!

      And this is the place to communicate with me, so no worries!

  25. shertel says:

    if you built a dream NBA team on NBA 2k13 made with 2 legends and 3 current players who would they be and what would the name of your team be?

  26. imani says:

    spot on.
    thank you.
    alley: thrown.

  27. Alaina says:

    Scooter! Just discovered your videos, they’re excellent!
    Can I ask for some guy advice? I’m interested in this guy I work with, and I consider us friends. He’s really nice and friends with a couple of the girls from work too. I can tell he values our friendship, but i can’t tell if he’s interested romantically in me. Is it worth it to ask him, or will it just make it awkward? Should I be more obvious in my intentions? And, do you have any suggestions on how to make a girl stand out?

    • Alaina! Glad you found me!
      My best advice is just to be upfront and honest! No need to waste anyone’s time!
      As far as standing out…just be you! If that’s not enough…then you shouldn’t be with the guy anyways!

      The alley has been thrown,
      Scooter Magruder

  28. Rachel says:

    Your video was great! But maybe you should upload a video of how to tell if a girl likes you because quite frankly, some guys are dumb. They think that a “hey” means that you love them. Please help to try to diminish the stupid guy population, and upload that video!
    Thanks! πŸ˜€

  29. LS says:

    Love your videos! There is this guy who lives in my apartment building who has literally been staring me down, making awkward conversations with me, and intentionally always walking really close to me …… for SIX years. I am 30, he’s 40-ish.

    WHAT is he doing? Does he like me? He’s never asked me out. Ok, in all honesty he really always intimidated me. He’s attractive, he makes a LOT of money, etc. It’s just too intimidating. I am shy, but I think I come off rude and then he gets annoyed with me.

    Plus, I don’t really think he likes me because he is always going out with a ton of different girls. He’s very “social”.

    I suspect he could be a player, but I don’t know. This has been going on SIX FREAKING YEARS. What gives? What should I do? I just sense that even if I give him my undivided attention to ask me out, he still won’t step up to the plate – he’ll just have one of his famous stupid little conversations about the weather, random stuff that leads to NOWHERE.

  30. Tessa says:

    Why do you always start out wearing clothes and then change into a robe?

  31. don says:

    have you ever thought about doing things you hate about the georgia bulldogs

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