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VIDEO: Top 100 Things Gangsters Don’t Do

September 8, 201323 Comments


This week I decided it was finally time to unleash Top 100 Things Gangsters Don’t Do. Making this video was a huge undertaking. It took about a week to edit and shoot and involved MASSIVE collaboration with some other YouTubers. I’m thankful too, because coming up with 100 things gangsters don’t do is not as easy as it sounds. The amount of visuals required alone for this video was insane. A huge thanks to everyone who helped me make this video! Be sure to check out everyone’s page (in order of appearance):

Eric Dunn
The Homeless Heroes
The Professor
Spice Adams
Casey Curtiss
Rose Russo
Shot Science
Masood Ahmed

What else don’t gangsters do? Leave a comment below!

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VIDEO: Basketball One-on-One #FiestaMovement

June 30, 201384 Comments


In my last Fiesta Movement blog post I announced that I won a free car and that I would have to complete monthly missions! Well here is my first mission!

I received my car about two weeks ago after getting flown to Nashville, Tennessee for a two-day training with 19 other agents! The 19 of us received our cars about a month and a half after 80 of the previous agents. BUT, we did receive the upgraded Ford Fiesta ST!

Ford Fiesta ST

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VIDEO: Top 100 Things Not to Say to a Cop

April 20, 20132 Comments


This week I decided to make Top 100 Things NOT to Say to a Cop. This video was made in conjunction with a couple of my friends called The Homeless Heroes. The group is based out of Tampa, Florida and they are comprised of two people. Travis Settineri is the artist who draws the paintings and Jerrell Johnson is the rapper who freestyles about the artwork. These guys are some of my close friends so I highly recommend you check them out here:

Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?

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