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VIDEO: Dallas Cowboys Fans During the Offseason

August 6, 20179 Comments


As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, the offseason has felt extremely lengthy, especially because of our untimely exit from the playoffs. The offseason was a time for grieving, contemplation, and reflection, ultimately leading me to the creation of this video: Dallas Cowboys Fans During the Offseason.

I have high hopes for this season. We will win the Super Bowl. 100% chance.

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VIDEO: Things Auburn Fans Say

October 10, 20160 Comments


While I was in Alabama last week, not only did I make Things Bama Fans Say with Legendary Shots, but we also drove down to Auburn and shot Things Auburn Fans Say! Special thanks to Lily, Taylor, Harrison, and Kt for helping out with the video!


Which team should I do next?

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VIDEO: Things Pac 12 Fans Say

October 24, 20156 Comments


I thought Things Pac 12 Fans Say was going to be my most difficult video to create being a lifetime east coaster. Thanks to r/CFB, it wasn’t that much of a problem ūüôā¬†So far I’ve shot four of the five power conference videos.

Can you guess which team is next?

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VIDEO: Things ACC Fans Say

October 10, 20152 Comments


Last week it was¬†Things SEC Fans Say¬†this week it’s Things ACC Fans Say! This video was a little bit tougher to create since¬†some ACC teams are more basketball oriented than football oriented. Tip-toeing that line AND satiating all ACC fans¬†with only a minute and 30 seconds of content was strenuous!¬†¬†Let me know how I did!

What conference should I do next?

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