VIDEO: Things Pac 12 Fans Say

October 24, 20156 Comments


I thought Things Pac 12 Fans Say was going to be my most difficult video to create being a lifetime east coaster. Thanks to r/CFB, it wasn’t that much of a problem 🙂 So far I’ve shot four of the five power conference videos.

Can you guess which team is next?

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  1. Sam Lee says:

    How do you feel about Jeremy Lin moving to Charlotte?

  2. Hey Scooter ! How are you ?!?! Let me start off by saying I absolutely love your videos; and as a current Gator in my first year of college I can say you’re repping quite well ! I love your videos bro, and don’t think I didn’t notice how you always keep the word choices clean. I love that. I personally despise relentless foul language. Maybe you’ll say no, but I thought I’d try; is there any way you could help my channel grow or help it get more views or subscribers in any way. With like a shirt giveaway or something lol It’s I believe I’d like to be a YouTuber. I’m not asking you to say yes. But I’d hate to not have asked. Much love and appreciation of your work, and have a good one. God bless you. #AlsoAFellowChristian #DaHeck

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