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August 24, 20152 Comments


After posting my most successful video of all time on Facebook, I thought it was only appropriate to talk about the experience in Not About That Life 17! Posting that video brought about so many weird interactions, including, but not limited to: weird messages on Facebook, many loving comments, a few hateful comments, and some interesting opportunities.

That video also helped shaped my content creation strategy for the future. Forget everything I’ve said up to this point. Look for shorter videos that more people can relate to. The idea now is try to create a viral video, then follow it up with a engaging video like Not About That Life, or Talking to Myself that incorporates viewers.

And for everyone continuously asking, Stuff Fans Say will return soon 🙂


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  1. Nick says:

    Scooter, how are you? I am swell.

    I know you’re a diehard Florida Gators fan, but I must ask you this.

    Do you think Jameis Winston can be a franchise NFL QB?

    • Hey Nick,

      I’m doing alright! Glad you’re swell haha. I do think Jameis can be a franchise QB though. He has all the measurables and experience to make it happen.

      Hopefully he can elevate the Bucs to be more competitive cause it’s been rough for the past couple of seasons!

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