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June 18, 201362 Comments


It’s been 8 months since I made my last Stuff Fans Say video. After getting multiple, and I mean MULTIPLE requests, I decided to make Stuff Spurs Fans Say. It was the perfect timing, especially with the Spurs embroiled in a heated battle with the hated Miami Heat.

I shot this video with Eric Dunn, a popular Viner, who also happens to be a Spurs fan. It’s a good thing the Miami Heat lost because we didn’t have any footage in the event Miami won the series. Oops.

Speaking of series, do you want this video series to continue? Or is it too played out?

EDIT: When I released the video it looked like the Spurs were going to win game 6. They didn’t. Hopefully the Spurs win game 7 so this video doesn’t look extremely foolish.

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  1. Danny says:

    Hey can you do stuff Steelers fans say?

  2. Griffin says:

    I’m so happy that you brought Stuff Fans Say back! The Stuff Dallas Cowboys Fans say was the first video of yours I watched and I’ve been a fan ever since! The Dallas Cowboys will win the next Super Bowl!

  3. Nick says:


    Wanted to ask this question last week, I didn’t wanna hog the comment section. Anyway, I digress.

    You were born and raised in Florida, correct? How did you become a Cowboys fan.

    Thanks Scooter. No Jugamos Juegos!

    • I was born and raised in Florida!

      But I am American…and the Cowboys are America’s team…so that is how I became a Cowboys fan!

      Also, my dad is a fan.

      Throw me the alley!

  4. Joseph says:

    Looking for the HEAT to win game 7!!!

  5. I love your Stuff Fans Say videos, but I don’t think you should box yourself in. You’ve proven to be capable of branching out and being in awesome in multiple different video series (i.e. How To Vids, Top 100 Vids, etc.). You’ve also seen that some things haven’t worked out super great (Talking to Myself seemed to drop off a month ago, even though I enjoyed it). Don’t limit yourself, but also don’t stretch yourself too thin. Find what works for you, but be creative.

    You’re awesome. Keep it up!

  6. Bavi Sinha says:

    Hey Scooter,
    which NBA team do you think next season will be the “surprise team?” In other words, which team do you think will really surprise people, like “DAYUM, I had no idea the (blank) would make the playoffs!”

    Love your vids,

  7. bjorn says:

    so game 6 huh

  8. Sean says:

    Who do you think will face them in the finals next year when the “ORLANDO MAGIC WIN THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!”?

  9. RaulJames says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN!!! I’ve said everything in this video! Best one yet!!!!

  10. Mohamed Taha says:

    Man….I cant tell you how bad I want the Heat to lose. I cant stand another summer of Bandwagon Heat fans bragging about there rings..

    But great video Scooter, I hope the Spurs win game 7 and make this video look good! lol

  11. Jamaria D. says:

    hahahah this video was funny, I love Eric and Chip too but unfortunately I had no idea what you guys were talking about. but it’s better to not knowing what’s going on then to claim myself as a Heat or Spur fan sooo.. 😀
    GO SCOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. barbie says:

    I can’t stop watching this video, it made me laugh after what happened last night. It really cheered me up~ Thanks!

  13. shania g says:

    would you ever like to to a vid with jenna marbles ?????

  14. Summer M. says:

    What happened to your Top 100 video you were going to do this week?

  15. Doctor professor says:

    Please make a stuff Yankees fans say vid!

  16. Cornhole says:

    Who is Complete Garbage Now Funny Man..

  17. Ryan Kar says:

    Can you do an episode called “Stuff golf players say”?

  18. Hey Scooter,

    I absolutely love your videos and wish I could be popular on youtube like you! I’m only 14 years old but am extremely interested in film making! I would be extremely grateful if you could check out my channel and give me some tips or something! You are truly an inspiration and I will be looking forward to more funny videos from you! Thanks!
    Throw me the alley!

  19. Trey says:

    Hey, scooter who do you think Cleveland will pick #1 overall in the NBA draft?

  20. Borja Rebaza says:

    Stuff Knicks fans say? Please?

  21. Nic says:

    What do you think of Victor Olidipo and Romero Osby for the Magic picks?

    • If Oladipo develops his left hand he will be a beast…I heard his work ethic is the top-notch. Never heard of Romero before though.

  22. cory says:

    so there is an ad in the corner of the site for heat championship gear…lol btw i hate most of your sports opinions especially on lebron but you seem to be a good guy. your videos on life advice are very good and i enjoy them.

    • Hey Cory,

      The ads are behavioral, so they are based off of your browsing preferences! But as soon as LeBron leaves the Heat, I’ll start liking him again!

      Glad you enjoy my other videos though 🙂

  23. Liam says:

    I just bought one of your shirts and so many people were asking about it. Dont worry i told all of them to look you up at youtube

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