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March 2, 20156 Comments


I’ve decided Ghetto Vocab will now be a weekly series. From now on, I’m switching to two videos every week, with Ghetto Vocab airing every Wednesday.  It’s about to get real.

This episode took way too long to edit, primarily because I noticed a dead pixel in the footage. I decided it would be a great idea to attempt to remove this in post-production. It took longer than anticipated AND at the conclusion, I noticed another dead pixel -_____-

Oh well.

Side note: I’m still getting used to sitting down and doing videos…it’s a little weird since I standup in almost EVERY other video I do. Baby steps.

Which words should be in the next episode?

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Cameron "Scooter" Magruder is an actor, producer, and new media personality who creates weekly videos for his YouTube account ScooterMagruder. His videos have been featured on the Today Show, NBATV, The Huffington Post,, the Orlando Sentinel, and more. If you would like to contact Scooter Magruder, please navigate to the contact page.

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  1. Lola says:

    The next video should have thirsty, crusty, and ratchet.

  2. L. Mary says:

    Dear ScooterMagruder,

    I love your vocabulary films! Excellent reference points!

    I’m from the Yay Area and I recently took a trip to a very dull country where fun does not exist and, although their language doesn’t contain thee “F” word- it’s illegal to say THAT there.

    So, the youth have no fun slang words even in their own language, however, everyone there studies English.

    They need some basic level words and phrases, (they thought when I said diet coke “on deck” I was going to hit someone).

    Please include a basic term (ratchet, perhaps?), (or maybe a throw back like “Damn, Gina!”) into a future video so that peeps can get schooled on a global level.

    All the best!
    L. Mary

  3. Faith Johnstone says:

    Scoot Magru- Crackn me up. Used Bye Felicia at work today and my coworker bout fell out of her chair! Yeet.

    Question? If we submit “basic” vocab can you translate for us into ghetto.

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