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March 9, 201513 Comments


I’m not gonna lie, I feel like I’m starting to repeat myself a little bit in Not About That Life. To be fair, it has been fourteen episodes. I know for sure I repeated myself when talking about taking a picture with a baby, but that’s only because I wanted to have a full online dating segment.

The way I make these videos is I have a list on my phone. Anytime something foolish occurs, I write it down on my list. Sometimes I don’t use everything on the list, but then I think I did use it because it was on the list in the first place.

The point is, the list has been erased and re-started.

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  1. Katherine Pearson says:

    So, I really love your youtube videos, but what has been up with your schedule lately? I mean, It would be nice if you could explain… I commented on several of your vids, but you never replied. But, you said you reply to ALL comments on your website, so here you go!

    • Hey Katherine,

      So I took a break for a while…but now I’m back 🙂

      The goal is to do two videos per week now. Ghetto Vocab every Wednesday and whatever else I wanna do on Sunday!

    • Katherine Pearson says:

      So, Its the same Katherine. I just wanted to say yes I’m aware that you have been trying to get back on a schedule, I was just wondering why you took such a huge break and why you said that you’d post every Sunday again and didn’t even follow through. I also commented on a couple of your google + posts and you didn’t say anything… It kind of bothers me when you reply to comments with curse words and stuff but when a someone who has been watching for years asks you a question SEVERAL TIMES, you never say anything! Don’t give up on us when we haven’t given up on you.

      A fan,
      Katherine pearson

  2. Zack Bush says:

    When your phone is at 63% and then three minutes later it’s at 9%. NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE!

  3. Monique Ford says:

    Could you please do a meet and greet in Texas, youtubers never come down here. We promise not to shoot. Visit your fans in Texas

  4. L. Mary says:


    What you said about the compatability of the iPhone charger was pure truth and now I know I’m not alone. Thanks for that. Damn charger IS LIKE a politician!

    -L. Mary

  5. Wesley peach says:

    Do more talking to myself videos!!!!! I love the African character?

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