VIDEO: Cowboys Fans During the Seahawks Game

January 7, 20194 Comments


New year, new me, and apparently new Cowboys?

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to post regularly to my blog and to watch THE DALLAS COWBOYS WIN A SUPER BOWL. So far I am on track to do both.

I will admit this game, like EVERY GAME THIS SEASON, gave me far too much anxiety. Why does it always have to come down to the last second? But as long as we keep winning, I’m fine with whatever method we employ to get there.

Are you glad we’re playing the Rams next? Did you have as much anxiety as me?


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  1. Ed Jansen says:


    Love the videos and love our Cowboys. Every game this season has taken a little bit more time off of my life. But I’m with you… a W is a W no matter how you get there. Go Cowboys!!!

    I’m a grown man.

    Ed J

    • Hey Ed,

      Glad you’re enjoying the videos! Although the season did not end how we wanted I have faith we are going in the right direction, even if we still have the Clapper!


  2. Paul DeRose says:

    Scooter I have been a die hard cowboy fan my whole life and I live in Massachusetts so how do you think I feel ? that video of you watching the rams was me but I was wearing my aikman shirt so true!!!!! The whole Country except Linnehan and Garrett knew Zeke was t as king it on 4th and 1 …!!!

    Keep the faith!!

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