VIDEO: How Gator Fans Reacted to the Michigan Game

September 5, 20179 Comments


Over the past couple of seasons, being a Gator fan has become increasingly difficult. This season, it looks like more of the same.

I don’t know if I should be mad at myself for getting my hopes up, the team for the atrocious second half performance, or the coaches for anything and everything…but I’m mad. There were ample opportunities for us to win the game. But alas, here we are 0-1. Hope you enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions in How Gator Fans Reacted to the Michigan Game.

We can still win the national championship, right? Leave a comment down below.

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  1. Amy deckman says:

    Yes! This was me exactly- thanks for the humor, it makes the pain easier to endure!!!! Go Gators!

  2. Allison says:

    hilarious and so true.
    great work

  3. Laura says:

    Man no matter what your videos keep them coming. I feel the exact same way you do – like you’re in all of our living rooms. Your videos bring a much needed laugh – so I can keep saying in all kinds of weather. I look forward to the next. ?????

  4. Amy Short says:

    Please come watch a Gator game with me and some friends at my home in Georgia. We would love to host you and hear your commentary as we cheer on the Gators!

  5. Ayse says:

    Yep- my husband says I sound just like you. Please bring back your reaction videos for this year! I’m beginning to have hope again. Go Gators!!!!

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