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Cameron "Scooter" Magruder is an actor, producer, and new media personality who creates weekly videos for his YouTube account ScooterMagruder. His videos have been featured on the Today Show, NBATV, The Huffington Post,, the Orlando Sentinel, and more. If you would like to contact Scooter Magruder, please navigate to the contact page.

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VIDEO: Laugh Out Loud

April 21, 20130 Comments


The great thing about having a YouTube account is that you can make whatever you want. This week I decided to take a crack at sketch comedy! This video features some of my friends from high school who you may recognize from other videos. Jon is the guy with the fro and Masood is the guy writing a BIG PAPER. Collectively they are known as FutureHead Productions.

Keep in mind this is my first sketch comedy video. They will get better over time! Hope you enjoy and Laugh Out Loud (see what I did there).

Should grown men be allowed to text LOL?

Laugh Out Loud YouTube Comments

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VIDEO: Top 100 Things Not to Say to a Cop

April 20, 20132 Comments


This week I decided to make Top 100 Things NOT to Say to a Cop. This video was made in conjunction with a couple of my friends called The Homeless Heroes. The group is based out of Tampa, Florida and they are comprised of two people. Travis Settineri is the artist who draws the paintings and Jerrell Johnson is the rapper who freestyles about the artwork. These guys are some of my close friends so I highly recommend you check them out here:

Have you ever been pulled over by a cop?

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VIDEO: Not About That Life 4

April 20, 20130 Comments


Girls can be highly confusing. HIGHLY confusing. I go on a rant about this in the latest installment off Not About That Life. Other topics covered in the video include traffic, healthy friends, and fast food!

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VIDEO: Talking to Myself – Introductions

April 20, 20130 Comments


I’ve always wanted to have a series where I talk to myself. And before you say anything, yes this series is highly inspired by Ryan Higa’s Skitzo. But there are distinct differences.

In my series, the participants are aware of the fourth wall: they know they’re being filmed. In addition to this, I have a rotating list of guests. So while the theory is similar, the delivery is much different.

I’ve always been a proponent of learning techniques and styles of people you admire, while still applying your own unique spin. I hope I accomplished that in this introductory Talking To Myself video.

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