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VIDEO: How To Tell If She Likes You – University of South Florida

May 4, 20130 Comments


After visiting the University of Central Florida on my last Magruder Mobile episode, I decided to show a little love to South Florida. No, I’m not talking about Miami. I’m talking about the University of South Florida!

Keeping up with the relationship advice theme, this week I ask students how to tell if a girl likes you. I felt obligated to go to USF after not making a Stuff Fans Say video for their university. My bad!

How can you tell if a girl likes you?

How To Tell If She Likes You - University of South Florida YouTube Comments

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VIDEO: Why I Hate Being Single

May 3, 20130 Comments


I know some people love being single. I am not one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, there are some clear-cut benefits to being single. You don’t have to report to anyone when you’re single. You can do what you what at all times. More¬†importantly, as one of my viewers pointed out, you can be obsessed with cats. But that gets old sometimes (plus I’m allergic).

Why I Hate Being Single YouTube Comments

This video touches on some of the main reasons why I hate being single.

Do you like being single?

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VIDEO: Top 100 Female Lies

May 1, 20130 Comments


After making Top 100 Male Lies, it was only right that I come back with the sequel Top 100 Female Lies. I’m not going to lie, I absolutely hate dressing up like a female. It is the most uncomfortable thing any grown man to do! Anything for the fans though, right? Shout out to my sister for dressing me and my beautiful friends who agreed to partake in the nonsense!

What lie has a female told you recently?

UPDATE: 8/29/2013 This video aired on the Today Show!

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VIDEO: Top 100 Worst Pick Up Lines

April 25, 20130 Comments


If you’re having problems picking up women, this video won’t help you one bit! I put together a list of the Top 100 worst pick up lines you could ever use. Who knows, maybe some of them are so corny they might work!

This video is definitely one of my favorites I’ve ever made and was shot completely at a local bar (all you have to do is ask). The video was even featured on The Today Show!

On a serious note though, do people still use pick up lines?

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