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VIDEO: Top 100 Male Lies

April 22, 20130 Comments


Top 100 Male Lies was my first Top 100 video ever created! It’s a little rough, especially since there is no music in the video, but nonetheless, it was the beginning of a beautiful series. The reason I decided to make Top 100 videos is because I knew that people of all ages, race, and sex could relate.

Why Top 100 though? Why not Top 50? Why not Top 75? For me, the best countdowns were always up to 100. 100 represents completion, it represents perfection, and most people can readily identify with it. I mean, just think about it, would you rather get a 50%, a 75%, or 100% on a test?

Have you heard or said any of these before?

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VIDEO: Top 100 Things Not To Say To Your Girlfriend

April 21, 20132 Comments


For this video, I decided to make Top 100 Things Not to Say to your Girlfriend. This video was one of the easiest to write, especially with all the suggestions from you guys!

A huge thanks to Jazmin for letting me make fun of her for hours! A lot of people assumed that Jazmin was my girlfriend since she was in this video. Since I like to remain mysterious, I’ll let you believe what you want.

What else shouldn’t you say to your girlfriend?

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VIDEO: Not About That Life 4

April 20, 20130 Comments


Girls can be highly confusing. HIGHLY confusing. I go on a rant about this in the latest installment off Not About That Life. Other topics covered in the video include traffic, healthy friends, and fast food!

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VIDEO: The Friend Zone – University of Central Florida

March 5, 20131 Comment

I decided to try something a little different this week and launch a new web series I call Magruder Mobile! The general idea is that I go to different colleges and universities and ask students questions on relationship advice, current events, etc. – your basic guy on the street video. At the end of each video, I pull one person aside to compete in the academic challenge where I ask 5 questions that any college student should know.

For the first episode, I decided to go to the University of Central Florida and ask students about the friend zone. It was pretty cool experience because a lot of people recognized me from Stuff UCF Fans Say!

The Friend Zone - University Of Central Florida YouTube Comments

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