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VIDEO: Top 100 Things Drunk People Say

January 13, 20142 Comments


This has been one of the most requested Top 100 videos to make…so I finally made it! The funny things is I don’t drink. I actually have never tasted alcohol in my life…other than church communion which doesn’t count in my books. Needless to say, I definitely relied a lot on everyone’s suggestions for this video! I hope you enjoy Top 100 Things Drunk People Say and thank you to all the other YouTubers who helped with my shoot 🙂

What did I miss?
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VIDEO: Top 100 Things Gangsters Don’t Do

September 8, 201323 Comments


This week I decided it was finally time to unleash Top 100 Things Gangsters Don’t Do. Making this video was a huge undertaking. It took about a week to edit and shoot and involved MASSIVE collaboration with some other YouTubers. I’m thankful too, because coming up with 100 things gangsters don’t do is not as easy as it sounds. The amount of visuals required alone for this video was insane. A huge thanks to everyone who helped me make this video! Be sure to check out everyone’s page (in order of appearance):

Eric Dunn
The Homeless Heroes
The Professor
Spice Adams
Casey Curtiss
Rose Russo
Shot Science
Masood Ahmed

What else don’t gangsters do? Leave a comment below!

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