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July 28, 201366 Comments


I continued this week with another short episode of Not About That Life. In the future, these episodes will either all be short like this one, or substantially longer. Still haven’t figured out which length I like more. At this point, I’m leaning towards substantially longer. There were so many ideas I had to cut out of the video to keep it short. Regardless, I was able to get a few things off my chest in Not About That Life 6.

Side Note: I didn’t realize how much sports related banter was in the video until after editing it. Sorry girls!

Should the videos be short and sweet like this? Or longer?

Not About That Life 6 YouTube Comments

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  1. Eli says:

    Hey Scooter!
    Really big fan of your videos bro keep it up!

    I do have to say, I’m considering un-following you on twitter because you always bash on my favorite sport baseball.

  2. Devon says:

    Hey scoot

    Just wondering if you work out a lot and what your routine is, I need some advice on what I should do to workout as I’m starting to really to workout for basketball

  3. Kenneth says:


  4. Kyle says:

    Hey scooter love the videos and I was just wondering I’m starting to work out and I wanted to know what you do as a work out routine and how much u do it

  5. Nick says:

    If Orlando gets a Major League Soccer team, would you ever go to a game? It’d give u something to watch besides baseball this time of year and it’d be a local team

    Keep making amazing videos btw! #MagruderArmy

  6. Danielle says:

    when youtubers only make one video a week #notaboutthatlife haha love your videos though worth the wait 🙂

  7. Jared says:

    When you can’t find the remote and it turns out you were sitting on it the whole time. #NotAboutThatLife

  8. Prison City Victim says:

    Wearing a hat while ballin. Man that is so country…

  9. Nick says:

    Scooter! What’s up bro? Nick here.

    A song you hate getting stuck in your head for days. Not about that life.

  10. When a guy at the park plays ball shirtless and you feel lame because you can’t play shirtless because people always comment about how stinking sweaty you are, #NotAboutThatLife… I mean, if that were me…

  11. Tim says:

    baseball is ok to. For different purpose I guess. Not very entertaining I admit. But for example I like to have a game going on on my laptop while I’m doing other stuffs like cooking or playing video games.

  12. penis says:

    what does “no jugamos juegos” actuallly mean?? its been bugging me for a while

  13. Corey Williams says:

    Love your show I share then with my friends all the time. I fully agree with person who is just a football fan but talks junk about your team not only I not about that life you are not allowed in my house during football season and sorry I’m a Redskins fan

  14. Tarik says:

    When you are charging your phone, leave, and come back to realize its not plugged into the wall, but only into the phone. Also, when you are eating chips while watching tv and can’t hear whats going in because the chewing is too loud.

  15. Tarik says:

    Scooter, how long did it take for your youtube to get popular? My vids are good and only get 30 views. Lol

  16. Sean says:

    Scooter, I hate the cowboys. They are very easy to trash. but i’m a jets fan, so its easy to trash me also.

  17. Jason says:

    Taking a shower at someone elses House. It is like a SPACESHIP up in that shower man! I dont know those controls!! #notaboutthatlife

  18. Nick says:

    Hey Scooter so I just wanted to say my family talks about you all the time(Well me, my brother , and his GF) and the reason is you know my brothers gf here name is Korissa T. and she tells me stories about you and we always watch your vids all the time…so much that, I get my inspirations from you for my gaming channel….So thank you for being awesome:)

  19. Jose says:

    Hey Scooter what is up my dawg???????????????

    I just have to ask, were you at UF for the “Don’t tase me Bro” Incident????

  20. TheAceblade says:

    Dude, How do you even have time to do videos. You LITERALLY respond to EVERY POST! Great Work bro. Liking your Roomies idea. Not About That Life though! Go Panthers!

  21. shania says:

    Hey scooter great vid although thats seems to be the usual ,i just wanted to say i like your longer vids better i would rather waut a couple of more days for editing anf stuff than have short vids like this.But huge fan keep up the awesome work

  22. Keidy says:

    I was just wondering if you are going to still feature people on “Not About That Life” and how long does it take for to make, edit, import, process all of your videos? Sorry, Just a Big Fan. No jugamos juegos? I’ll throw you the alley.

  23. Scooter freakin’ Magruder (no “C”)! I love your videos–I’ve watched ALL of them and now I’ve been bugging my friends to go and watch them. When can we expect another one from you? And any plans for bigger projects in the future (like taking Magruder Mobile to other campuses outside of Florida)? Love your work! #NoJugamosJuegos #ThrowMeTheAlley

    • You can expect another video in a couple of minutes after I finish writing the blog post! As far as Magruder Mobile, I’m thinking I’m going to try and to all the SEC schools by the end of the year!

      Alley Thrown,
      Scooter Magruder

  24. Andrew Cotter says:

    When is the next “Talking to my self” episode going to be?


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