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January 5, 20152 Comments


New year, new me baby.

My New Year’s resolutions for this year? Make a video every single week. Also, go to church every single week.

I have other goals as well, but I figure if I do those two things, everything else will fall into order.

So far I was late for both, but in the mighty words of a great Greek philosopher “Better late than never, but never late is better”…jk that was Drake.

On a serious note though, I fully intend to make at least 51 more videos, preferably on time. So in the meantime sit back and enjoy Not About That Life 13!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

UPDATE: Since posting this video, I’ve learned there are a lot of black super heroes. I just don’t know any of them. I still think we need a black super hero on the level of Superman and Goku though.

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  1. Juan Jimenez says:

    I thought there was going to be new videos every smh lol

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