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August 11, 201335 Comments


I had a Top 100 video planned for this week, but I got sick (this would also explain why there was no video last week). As a result, I thought I’d take it easy this week and hit you guys with a quality vlog: Things Girls Don’t Understand.

If I’m being truthful, the main reason I made this video is because a girl kept asking to be on my team when I was playing pick up basketball. It’s hard enough to win without a girl on your team! Am I right? Is that sexist? I don’t care.

Anyone notice the music in this video? I’m thinking about including it in more of my vlogs! Let me know what you think!

Also, what did I miss? And what are some things guys don’t understand about girls?

Things Girls Don't Understand About Guys YouTube Comment

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  1. Nick says:

    Scooter! Nick here. Funny, spot on video. Agreed with everything.

    Anyway, has anyone stuck out to you during this preseason, on the Cowboys or on any other team? Its just great to see football back.

    • What up Nick! Glad you enjoyed the video!

      As fas as the pre-season goes I haven’t seen that much to form that good of an opinion on any player specifically. With that being said, D-Lineman George Selvie from the Cowboys looks solid. Raiders backup QB Terrelle Pryor looked really good against the Cowboys second unit, despite having one interception in the Red Zone.

      That’s all I got for now!

  2. Prison City Victim says:

    I Stay Thirsty..

  3. Prison City Victim says:

    Stay Thirsty My Friends..

  4. LeQuanterus D'Allen Jr. says:

    Great video!

  5. Lilly says:

    I usually love your videos but this one bothered me.
    Things guys don’t understand about girls:
    Sometimes we like to play pick-up basketball too. You want me to find an all-girls gym in order to play some ball? jeez. Block my shots all you want, nothing douchey about that. You’re more of a douche if you tell us not to play.

    • Glad you can be truthful with me! But I’ve just heard it expressed by a lot of guys that playing with girls kills the competitive nature of games…and I’ve felt that way at times as well.

      Like I said, it’s a lose-lose for guys most of the time 🙁 And half the time you feel like you can’t go full force because you don’t want to injure a girl.

      This isn’t to say we feel like this ALL the time…cause I’ve played pick-up games with girls and dominated…but when you’re playing against another stacked team it can be frustrating sometimes.

  6. John says:

    Loved the video, keep it up except…

    …I Always thought E-cards were funny.

  7. Jazz says:

    Hey, Scooter! I kind of liked this video. In regards to the whole “watching the game” thing, I come from a mostly sport oriented family. When I say most, I mean 80% of my extended family plays and watches sports, and both husband and wife watch sports together. As a girl and part of the other 20% who only watch/play occasionally, I think that females shouldn’t care when their guys abandon Earth and get absorbed in games. Actually, if I was dating a guy big on sports every game I’d get him some wings, beer, and friends and tell him to call me later. Why? Because I’d be off doing whatever “DA HECK!” I wanted. Game time is perfect you time! If he won’t pay attention to me, I’ll pay attention to myself. Then trust me after game time, he’ll pay me a lot of attention. And every now and again I might try to watch a game with him. Oh and also, if a girl sends you pics like those of herself that’s an immediate sign you are on your way or already in the FRIENDZONE because no girl who finds you attractive wants you to think that she’s not.

    • What up Jazz! You sound like every guy’s dream girl! Except now you’re telling me I’ve been friendzoned 🙁

      What do I do?

      • Jazz says:

        Hi again and thanks for the compliment, first of all I have no idea why any girl would friendzone you, your awesome! If in fact you have been friendzoned, all you have to do is make your interest known, in an obvious or subtle way. If a girl is sending you goofy pictures, be “unintentionally sexy” and send her one back, for ex: a shirtless pic, or one up yourself and do it right after a shower. Do things that will make her be like wow I never knew…..

  8. Had me ROLLIN’ as always–love it! Just wish it was slightly longer…but then most of your videos are so funny they always have me going, “HAHAHA! That was great–okay so where’s the next one?! …Oh, yeah. I forgot.” Then I end up watching the playlist again… #shrug #OhWell

    Question: So that song you put together at the end…any chance I could get it a ringtone?

    #sidenote I was an avid gamer–til it became a serious addiction and I had to let it go 🙁 …and I HATE shopping. Get what you came to get and get out.

    Hmm. Things men don’t understand about women: why they spend all day shopping…and add why we spend so much time in the bathroom…hahaha!

    • Glad you liked the video Jacqueline 🙂 I’m still playing around with how long I’m making the videos so stay posted!

      Go here to download the outro:

      You had to let gaming go :((( oh no!

      And I will never understand how one can go shopping ALL DAY…Not About That Life

  9. Jordan says:

    Hey Scooter.. we are big fans!!!!!!! YOU make us laugh so hard!!!!:) My favorite videos are the top 100 things never to say to a cop, that awkward moment when and the talking to myself series. Omg we are making videos based off of yours and using all of those catch phrases (da heck) We just saw you on endurance 2 and we were flipping out. Can’t believe you were on tv!!!!! So cool! We have 5 questions for you and hope you will respond to them. 1. Do you like bruno mars? 2. If you had 6 kids what would you name them? 3. Whats your favorite color, food, and activity. 4. If you were on a stranded island and you could only bring 1 thing, what would it be. 5. And last can you make a video called top 100 ways to get of the phone with someone??? Ps. My friend wants to know if you have a six pack?( Weird question I know) Thanks and hope you respond. No jugamos juagos throw me the alley. 🙂

    • Yoooo Jordan, what’s up! Glad you’re enjoying the videos! And Endurance was amazingggggg!


      1) Do you like bruno mars? – He’s alright
      2) If you had 6 kids what would you name them? – It would depend on what the wife wanted!
      3) Whats your favorite color, food, and activity. – Blue, anything not healthy, basketball/winning
      4) If you were on a stranded island and you could only bring 1 thing, what would it be? A boat so I could leave
      5) Top 100 ways to get of the phone with someone? IDK, might be difficult coming up with 100 different ways!

      The alley has been thrown,
      Scooter Magruder

  10. Jordan says:

    This is my 3 comment (I know) I promise we not stalkers but we thought our last comment was erased so we made a new comment

  11. Mavis says:

    another funny video hahaha
    favourite part was the outro!
    listened to that many times! ha

  12. Nick says:

    Scooter. Nick again. I meant to ask you this in my previous comment, but I forgot about it. I am starting to play basketball, playing PG. All my friends say I need to become a better ball handler. Any tips? Thanks.

  13. Cynthia Autry says:

    1) The music in the background was really distracting. Not your style (in my opinion).
    2) Girls calling guys thirsty. Girls act the SAME WAY. (I mean…not ME…of course…..)
    3) 1:27…Well THAT escalated quickly… o.0
    4)I would MUCH RATHER play Halo 3 than go shopping. I hate shopping.

  14. Tim says:

    Dayum man, I’m gonna starting calling you The Truth!

  15. Alex/TheWarslap says:

    Hey ScooterMagruder, I’ve been watching your videos for some time now, your videos are really awesome and I don’t understand why you don’t have as many subscribers as smosh or people like that. I do remember you responding to one of my comments on your not about that video. I was sooo excited that u said something. I wanted to tell you how you have my full support thruought your youtube career, and to get on topic, the biggest thing girls don’t understand is…Thinking we know where your stuff is.

    • Hey Alex, just like the real world, YouTube is really all about who you know! I really gotta step up my collab game so I can spread faster, but who knows, maybe I’ll have one hit video that will propel me to greatness! Until then, it’s nice knowing I have people like you supporting me!

  16. mike says:

    dude u r 2 cool!!! saw u on cathylee and hoda !!! pls keep up the good work!!! old people like me need the laugh before we die!!! would love 2 do a video with u before i die!!! oh….. too late………….lol

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