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May 5, 20137 Comments


In my latest installment of Talking to Myself, I discuss Instagram, a new character gets introduced, and someone dies. It doesn’t get better than this folks!

A lot of people have been enjoying this series so far, and I really enjoy making them – a very hard balance to find these days. Let me know if you enjoy the series by leaving a comment down below.

Talking to Myself - Instagram YouTube Comments

Hope you enjoy Talking to Myself – Instagram!

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  1. Karen Buckley says:

    I think you should do a Talking to Myself series on relationships. Prince LeLe would have some weird African traditions and Daquan would just be a mess with 8 baby mamas..and you could introduce a new character. One thing I really like about your videos is your humor and that you don’t curse! A rare quality in young men today.

    • Hey Karen,

      That is definitely a great idea, something everyone can really relate to! As far as my humor goes, I don’t cuss in real life so it’d be awkward if I did for my videos!

      • Karen Buckley says:

        That’s even better! Being a 22 year old Christian, it feels like I am surrounded by guys who cuss, so it’s refreshing to see that. If I was in Florida… #youwouldntbesingle 😉

        Haha anyways, keep making your awesome videos.

  2. Wimpikins says:

    I love the twist ending XD I’m pretty convinced that you yourself are most similar to Billy Joe Johnson 😀 That’s a massive compliment if you think about what the others are like 😛

  3. Megan says:

    Hey you should talk about dating sites

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